Support A Patriot! Stand with Jeff Grace

Support A Patriot! Stand with Jeff Grace

From Jenna Grace

Our family is raising money to assist in the legal fees of our Patriotic Father. Check out the full story below.

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 Hey there my name is Jeff Grace. I am a 61 year old man Army Veteran, “military police,” God-Blessed American. I am not a member of any political group. I am a very passionate patriot who is proud to display the American flag anywhere and everywhere (even on my body.) I am so thankful and proud I went to DC to support our President Donald Trump but more importantly our Constitution, it is being torn from our hands piece by piece. It sickens me to see all the hate, anger, destruction, etc. shown to the normal “American” because of their “self constitution” to be a law-abiding constitution believing citizen. My heart got the best of me at the rally and the passion of the “good crowd” was overwhelming. As I got to the doors of the capitol building, that were both open with 2 capitol police standing by, I walked in with a Betsey Ross flag shirt on, I had no mask on, my hat was in my hand and I thought “this is MY house,” “this is YOUR house.” The capital is a symbol of the American people’s house. Proud to be an American!  As I walked into the rotunda I was in awe at the beauty and history. I then watched people as they started to be destructive, which is not ok. I started setting back up the stanchion posts and reattaching velvet ropes, yelling at others, “this is not ok!” I kept picking stuff up and noticed a man carrying a steel bar. I confronted him, he dropped the bar, I picked it up and hid it behind a statue, so no one else could use it for destruction. At that time, 2 capitol police came out of a doorway, ran and grabbed the bar and on their way back to the doorway told me, “Thank you! Be careful!” I thought, I made my stand peacefully, productively, and proudly with no negative interaction with law enforcement. Time for me to leave. By now the officers had the doors closed and blocked but there was a line leading out a broken window. I got in line, went out the window and left. Before I got back to my motel I was getting both voice and text messages stating there was a picture of me on the news. The picture of the man carrying the lectern, I was the old man behind him.  Someone turned me in which I have mixed emotions about. I was then contacted by the FBI and interviewed, which then led to my arrest. (Search warrant for home, car, and phone.) Taken to Portland, processed, charged, and thanks to the public defender, was released with extensive regulations. Then the news, both TV and paper made me an item “Battle Ground Man Charged with Entering US Capitol during Siege” published Seattle Times, Feb. 4th, 2021. Has been very interesting to say the least. I gathered my family, total 27. My wife, Debbie, and myself prayed, along with support and blessings from my family, and talked about how to handle this situation. Do I roll over like so many republicans have done or do I stand strong for the constitution, my beliefs and what is truly right for our country?  It was unanimous to fight! I am now in conference with an attorney who is willing to go to bat with me. I am willing to, not only take this on, but to also put my amazing family through this ride, who are 100% supportive of this choice. I will be retiring soon, if need be and will take whatever comes my way. The attorney shared that I am taking the hard road and better be willing to go federal prison if it comes to that. With more prayer, some tears, a sick stomach, but most of all my Faith and my patriotism, I said “Let’s do it!!!” I am willing to go the course but because of my company’s stance, I will probably be on a limited income. I am reaching out for help on legal defense and whatever it entails. It sounds like I will have to go to  DC for trial (which I am not actually allowed to enter now)  I love America, I believe in  the Constitution, I love law enforcement, but most of all I love my family and GOD! God Bless America, One Nation Under GOD. In GOD we trust! 

PS: When I was honorably discharged from the Army, I was not released from the oath I took to protect our country and constitution from both foregin and domestic threats. The Capitol is OUR House!

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