Support A Girl Child In College

Support A Girl Child In College

From Simeon A. Sherman

To help a very smart, but unprivileged and less fortunate girl who got much interest pursuing her educational sojourn but lacks the financial resources since she lost her father and her mother is seriously sick

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Noleysa P Smart is a Liberia National, ,an entrepreneur and an emerging , proactive and practicing leader.

She considers herself an open-minded person who is interested in everything that triggers positive development. She is a passionate and dedicated young lady driven by social causes, primarily by her cravens to serve humanity. She believes in volunteerism and stands for gender equality. Her thirst for gender equity and service to humanity serves as a prompt for more learning opportunities.

With a passionate spirit to build more service oriented leaders by strategic actions, she aspires to study Social Work. She believes that she can contribute a refined perspective of service to her community and looks forward to instituting concrete pillars of service by providing mentorship for youths in her space. Noleysa who is also value- oriented was particularly prompted to study in her respective field because of the core -values that guides the profession.

In accordance with major virtues she possess she believes that she would deliver intentional and significant impact to her generation with a foundation in this field .

Noleysa is a graduate of the twenty fourth cohort of the Alfar Global Leadership Academy, Jonah Togbah School Of Leadership and Development cohort twelve ,Representative For Operations and Social Affairs and Graduate of the Global Institute of Peace , Justice and Liberty cohort five. She is also a staunch volunteer who serves effectively with major youth Networks and Organizations to champion change and build Peace. She obtained a broader perspective of service from the Strategic Leadership, Life Coaching and Mentorship Programs of the Liberia Institute For Practical Professional Studies and has decided to give back by raising awareness to tailor significant changes.

Noleysa originates form a small but beautiful family of four with significant ethnicity from the Kpelleh tribe in West Africa, Liberia. Her family consist of humble and peace loving citizens who strives to keep alive by pursuing education. Her love for literacy birthed from the significant actions of her father to educate both her mother ( a child bride ) and all his children. Success and potential comfort was established form the education received but was equally challenged by the death of Noleysa’s father. Though negative impacts of the above mentioned challenge led to a decrease in the livelihood of her family, academic journey and various SGBV attempts on the family, she persisted by developing an entrepreneurial environment at an early age . Noleysa overcame by her commitment to initiating innovative projects and programs that both benefited her family and tailored significant changes in the self confidence of women and girls in her space .

Noleysa reminds herself daily that “she is girl power and can fulfill her dreams with hard-work and determination” .

With time she aspires to raise loud echoes in every girl child starting with her country and the world at large.

Noleysa is a brilliant volunteer and passionate servant with outstanding leadership abilities built over the years. She decided to study Social Work from her aspiration to become a Clinical Psychologist and Human Rights Defender.

She gain interest in this profession because of her deep passion to make a difference and to contribute to the transformation of the Mental Health sector of Africa beginning with Liberia. The undeniable effects of drugs abuse and mental illness on perm people in her space was made a reality to her at a tender age and with this came a prompt to stand out , be a change and make a change.

She was also motivated d to pursue studies in the field of Social Work from a passion to deliver relevant and service-oriented leadership in the nearest future. Noleysa believes that peace and development can be maintained in Liberia if spirited servant leaders diligently work their way to strategic positions and demonstrate value-based practices in those spaces. In preparation for a successful leadership, she has committed to obtaining intellectual rebranding from various leadership institutions as well as the Social Work field.

Recognizing the importance of education and service to my community, she enrolled in and volunteered with different leadership schools and youth networks in Liberia and neighboring countries.

From serving as a volunteer with as organizations like the Liberia Institute For Practical Professional Studies, Young Leaders of Africa Network, Foundation For the Advancement Of Girls and The Global Institute of Peace ,Justice and Liberty she was equipped with broader intellectual skills and obtain certifications in Strategic leadership, Peace Building and Gender Advocacy.

Noleysa plans to utilize her degree in Social Work to contribute positive change to the Bio-psycho-social and Mental Health of possible victims or victims of the various forms of sexual and drugs abuse. She looks forward to positively influencing the Socio-economic sector of Liberia by actualizing the establishment vibrant Vocational Institutions to train and empower all genders and Single Parents to cater to the needs of their families and help create more independent citizens. Most importantly, she desires to use her knowledge to advocate for human rights and establish value-based initiatives that will provide scholarship for the underprivileged classes.

I am therefore seeking your honest assistances in order for me to achieve my dreams.

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