Sugar Detox TV - Autism

Sugar Detox TV - Autism

From Denise Martin

I am raising money to recreate the Sugar Detox Center I co-founded 25 yrs ago, in which we turned miraculous results with a young Autistic man and others. You can read about it my autobiography Eating My Way to Heaven.

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Twenty-five years ago Patrick McEachern and I opened our home on his amazing Eden-type farm to a young Autistic man who had been part of my life for 9 years at that point. Lowell became the first client in our quaint Sugar Detox Center.

We took Lowell off his meds, put him on whole (SuPRANAtural) foods, kept him busy on the farm and LISTENED to him. He had a lot pain and issues to vent. Autism is a life-fu*King condition that would frustrate the hell out of anyone. Lowell had a lot of rage and was never allowed to express it.

As you will see as you read the chapters from Eating My Way to Heaven about Lowell and our Sugar Detox Center, the rage therapy we invented was very affective for Lowell as was the entire experience. He transformed!!!!! We all did.

Unfortunately, Lowell had to return to Colorado and back to the system that kept him medicated. He is now begging to come detox again and is willing to do it on camera. My goal is to show the world what is possible for some Autistic people and to note that a whole foods lifestyle is transformative for all of us.

Our challenge in the past has always revolved around the fact that we didn't own the land we were farming and living on. If your farm is taken out from under you, years of effort are just gone. We need a stable environment in which to build another Eden garden, put up some eco-housing and be able to take residential clients a few at a time.

All the filming with our clients, and in the garden, as well as Sugar Detox 101 tricks and hacks will be broadcast all over social media for free. This content will be a global PSA for healthy living.

We will pay for the property, filming and content distribution through donations, backend sales and if necessary by charging our clients for the detox program. We will  have to start with fairly financially blessed families so that we can afford to offer this service for those who can't afford it. We can at least give everyone a free education on how to help their family member.

I am not offering perks for donations because I have been giving away all my expertise and goods for years. I will be giving away all the content. I have to pay my bills as I build this.

Copies of my soft cover book are almost gone, but I have a plethora of e-book formats for $5 on: Smashwords.

You will find some free Sugar Detox content here right now.

I am looking to buy a property in the $250,000 range with a few acres, a small house and room to farm. The Pacific Domes eco-housing I am choosing can go up in a week and offer luxury, nature-based living for our clients. 

In the blazing Arizona sun we can get a garden in the ground in 90 days after trucking in some soil for the raised beds we will build. We plan to create one of our signature Labyrinth Gardens.

Thank you for reading my entire pitch. Be healthy. Be blessed. If you can afford to contribute, know that I am forever grateful. No matter what please join me on social media and get some free music and info.


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