From Gladies Atienza Rubio

I am raising money to recover myself.. to start again and for my twins. please help me to get out of debts.

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Hi, my name is Gladys A Rubio, 28 yrs old from the Philippines. First-time mom of twins and longing for life, to begin and to hope again. It started in the year 2016 I tried to have my own business, I had no investment but my skills my capital came from my sister and from borrowed money so I could buy my belongings. Back in years, I am helping my family for our daily needs, and my brother for his daily allowance for schooling. I am from a broken family at a very young age we need to work for our family and helping each other needs.

My first year in business was excited and full of dreams and hope for having a good life with my family. My business lasts until 2019. and realized my income is not enough for my expenses and payables. Borrowing money to pay those bills leads to debt.

When I had no money to pay for the rent I borrow it from my friends and other micro-business loans. I applied for multiple loans just to save my small business not realizing I'm drowning by debt.

Last October 18, 2019, I need to have emergency CS due to pre-eclampsia that I wasn’t able to open the store and that I could not pay my creditors anymore. I couldn't pay the place anymore so I need to move out of my place.

My family was angry at me because of this matter they do not have money to pay all of my debts. I'm losing the confidence to show them. There are so many calls and texts that I can't answer because I can't pay them.

Right now I'm trying to start over at home, so I'm not earning enough for my debts. I apologize to my friends, acquaintances or those with whom I have lent money that I will not return immediately. I was in a lot of debt because I was borrowing money that was big to give interest.

Help me find hope and get started again. It would be great if you could help with my struggle. I still want to do business but can't pay my rent and my other loan I'm very much stress about this.

I want to pay them and start all over again. I know many of them losing trust due to my debt.

Too much trouble, stress cause of debt, no more friends to help some people don't want to stay because I have many loans. Receiving inappropriate calls and messages that giving me to lose hope :'( .. I need help because I have twins, I love them so much and I want to start all over again. Please give me hope by helping me with this matter.

Help please I have still more plans in life.

I am not sick but my situations made my sick, it affects my emotional and mental health.

Thank you.

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