Su-PURR Hexagon Marathon

Su-PURR Hexagon Marathon

From Travis Luscombe

I want to help raise money for shelter cats who need a good home.

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We all love cats, right? It's a scientific fact that the internet loves cats. Jennifer and I adopted two shelter cats (Jadzia and Nerys) nine years ago. They have been like children to us, and we love them dearly. Sadly, Nerys passed away in January, but I like to think she lived a good life full of love and kitty treats. Well, I want to help the furry companions that haven't found their "forever home" yet.

I also love video games. My goal is to subject myself to playing 18 straight hours of Terry Cavanagh's very intense game, Super Hexagon, and in doing so raise some money for our feline friends. It's a difficult game that only a few people have ever beaten. In fact, the average game lasts less than a minute before failure. I've beaten the game once.

So, here's my idea: ON AUG 31ST, for every dollar donated, I will play one minute of Super Hexagon. If we get to $1,000 (1000 minutes = 16 2/3 hours), I will play for 18 hours straight, only stopping to use the restroom and eat pre-prepared food. The whole thing will be live-streamed via for your enjoyment, assuming you enjoy watching me subject myself to hours and hours of a one-minute game. I may just go insane... that might be fun to watch, too? I don't know, but I'm betting so.

If I exceed $1,000, I will figure out some way to up the ante. Maybe I can be convinced to try for 24 hours straight. I'm pretty crazy.

All of the proceeds will go directly to , a local Non-Profit No-Kill animal shelter here in Houston.

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