STTF's 5th Annual Great Big Charity Raffle

STTF's 5th Annual Great Big Charity Raffle

From Surrender To the Flow

Let's raise a bunch of money together for four great organizations: The Mockingbird Foundation, The Mimi Fishman Foundation, The WaterWheel Foundation, and Dr. Jack McConnell's Volunteers in Medicine!

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One chance to win a prize pack!


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Two chances to win a prize pack!


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Five chances to win a prize pack!


Eleven Raffle Tickets (Get one free!)

Eleven chances to win a prize pack! We will automatically send you some sort of prize (to be determined) if you donate $100+ if you don't win one of the larger prizes.


Twenty-three Raffle Tickets! (Get Three Free!)

Twenty three chances to win a prize pack! We will automatically send you some sort of prize (to be determined) if you donate $100+ if you don't win one of the larger prizes.


Thirty-Five Raffle Tickets! (Get Five Free!)

Thirty five chances to win a prize pack! We will automatically send you some sort of prize (to be determined) if you donate $100+ if you don't win one of the larger prizes.


More Info

Our Big Charity Raffle!

We thought it'd be a fun project to bring the community together with a charity event to raise money for three great, Phish related charities - again, for the fifth year in a row!  In 2013, in November and December, we were able to raise $3,000 EACH for The Mockingbird Foundation, The Mimi Fishman Foundation, and The WaterWheel Foundation, and in 2014 we were able to give each of them another $1200 each.  In 2015, we gave them an additional $700 each.  Then, in spring of 2017, we raised $1300 for each charity.  We'd love to raise even more for these great organizations this year, and with your help, we can!  

Further, this year we are proud to announce that we have added a fourth recipient - Dr. Jack McConnell's Volunteers in Medicine.   Page's father passed away this year at the age of 93.  He founded the original Volunteers in Medicine Clinic in Hilton Head, SC in 1993, which since has grown into an organization that guides communities in opening their own small local clinics for the uninsured and underserved.  We look forward to raising money for this amazing non-profit as well.

About the Recipients:

  • The Mockingbird Foundation was founded in 1996 and provides grants to support music education for children; they have raised over $1,000,000 since then. 
  • The Mimi Fishman Foundation was begun in 1999 by Miriam Fishman and now raises money in her memory through online auctions; proceeds are donated to nonprofits working to benefit the well-being of children and families.  They have raised over $615,000 so far.
  • The WaterWheel Foundation is Phish's own organization created in 1997 to oversee the band's charitable activities.  Through WaterWheel, over $1,000,000 has been raised in the past nineteen years.  Money raised at shows goes to local charities - over 425 different groups have been recipients.  Our donation will go to their General Fund.
  • Volunteers in Medicine was founded by Dr. Jack McConnell in 1993.  What began as a clinic for the uninsured and medically underserved on Hilton Head and Daufuskie Islands in South Carolina evolved into the Volunteers in Medicine Institute which has guided over one hundred communities in the United States in the creation and development in similar clinics.  

All money raised in this raffle will be divided equally between these three charities.


For the first four years of this fundraiser, we asked individuals and businesses to donate items so we could create PRIZE PACKS to raffle off.  The response was overwhelming!  All three years, we were able to offer ten prize packs, all different, full of really great stuff.  Most of it was Phish related, but there were some other cool items as well.  EACH prize pack had an approximate value of over THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of merchandise, clothing, and art. Further, we were also able to offer ten "runner up" prize packs valued at fifty dollars each; hopefully we will be able to offer these this year as well.  All twenty winners, in all three years, were thrilled with their prizes!  We are not sure how many prize packs there will be this year yet - the number depends entirely on how many prizes we get - but we will do at least five again, and maybe ten or more!

We are, of course, accepting prize donations again this year.  If you would like to donate prizes, please email us at so we can tell you where to send them.  We accept anything - it doesn't even have to be Phish related, necessarily.  Past year's prize packs included fan-made Phish merch, official Phish merch, glass, art, posters, pins, wine, coffee, jewelry, toys, pet supplies, and even weekend getaways!  Your name/business name and prize donation will be listed on this page as well as on our Facebook page.  This will not only show the world that you are awesome and generous, but will serve as promotion for your business as well!

Raffle Tickets & The Drawing

Raffle tickets are $10 each again this year.  Please buy many and spread the word.  The more you buy, the better your chances of winning!  At the close of the fundraiser, names will be put into a randomizer at to choose the winners; if you buy ten tickets, your name will go into the randomizer ten times. The top names win the prize packs (number of prize packs to be determined...), and they will get to choose their prize pack in the order they place in the randomizer. (Note: Don't check off  "donate anonymously" - you won't be included in the raffle!  Of course, we'll also accept anonymous donations, if you'd like!)

We hope to raise A LOT of money for these charities!  Our "goal" is $4,000 but we'd love to surpass that if possible!  This is a great opportunity for the community to come together and make a huge impact, while also having a chance to win some fantastic prizes.  Thanks for participating!

Donated Items (So Far!):

A Stay at a Rental House in San Miguel, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, length & dates to be determined by you from Brandon Rossi

Subscriptions to Surrender to the Flow Magazine, Pins, & Stickers from Surrender to the Flow/Christy Articola

Overnight Stay for Two at The White Dove Rockotel in Woodstock, NY from Erin Cadigan

Two Night Cabin Stay for a Family of Four from The Great Divide Campground; Newton, NJ

A Pair of Red Sox Tickets & Private Green Monster Tour! from Nathaniel Moulter/Red Sox Green Monster Operator

One Year Gold Membership & a Hat from

$450 Value Life Coaching Package from Coaching with Emily/Emily Berman

$300 Value Parent Coaching Package from Leading Edge Parenting/Melissa Schwartz

Two Shirts & a Hoodie from The Overhead View/Bryan Kirk

Hand Embellished Hoodie by Tailpheathers/Ann Broeg

Helping Friendly CBD Salve from Helping Friendly Salve/Rob Robar

Donut Backpack from Suspended in the Trees/Kevin OR

Three Posters (Justin Helton Mike Gordon Chicago 2014 signed by Mike, Guerrin Bangor Maine 2013, Ryan Kerrigan Big Cypress) from Adam Lebin

One copy of 100 Things Phish Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die by Jason Gershuny & Andy P. Smith

Mike Bomb Stickers from Tim Murren

License Plate Frames from Phrames/Marshall Chasan

Handblown Glass Mug from Mirador Glass/Bryan Raskin

$25 Gift Certificates, T-shirt, and Trucker Hat from Third Bowl Ice Cream of Crested Butte, CO

Posters & Stickers from The Art of Ryan Kerrigan/Ryan Kerrigan

One Inflatable Fishman Donut Lounger, One Cavern Door Mat, One Door Donut Mat, One Donut Yoga Mat, One Set of Fluffhead Coasters, One Set of YEM Coasters, One Set of Donut Coasters, and One Cavern Pin from East Coasters/Jason Mailot

Five Pounds of Organic Coffee from Northbound Coffee Roasters/Keith Hamrick

Pins & Stickers from Angela Bauer

Shirts from You Enjoy My Shirt/Lisa Unger

Tshirts from Hooked Productions/Brendan & Cari Shiel

Handmade Wallet, Purse, and Sleep Mask from Mangohands/Katie Erickson

Two 3D Woodblock Collages (One 15" x 12" x 2" and One 6" x 4" x 3.75") from 3DWoodblock/The Barrons

Stickers & Fishman Donut Buffs from Rory King

Poster Weights & Headbands from Jenn Wainwright

Flask/Switch Plate Cover/Power Bank/Luggage Tags & 8x10 Canvas from Andrew Lederman

Poster from Paul DiLena

Posters from Jamie Lee Meyer

Wallet, Mini Donut Dress, & Luggage Tag from Moon & Sundries/Karen Ducey

1000 Business Cards & Design Service from Crimson, White & Indigo/Stephen Gangi

Poster Weights from Cranberry Creek Forest/Mary-Jean Bendorf Henry

Stickers from Joshua Owen Hurley

Funky Bitch Bottle Opener, Foggy Rather Groggy Bottle Opener, Tela Cuff Bracelet, and NICU Bracelet from/by Karma Threads Goods/Trisha Keeling

Trey Pistachio Gear from Margie Midge

Antelope Hoodie from Laura Blue Art/Laura Palmer 

2012 Summer Tour Poster by Mark Serlo from JR Mcllhattan

Poster from Christine & Marc Mazzacca

Stash Boxes & Rolling Trays from Sweet Treats Emporium/Mindi Larkin

Phish/Music Inspired Towel Sets from Feisty Farm/Allison Tressler

Poetry Books from Susie Fryer Cohen

Modern Day Photo Strip Frame from Christy Sparkle McKinney

Glass Ornaments & Pipes from Andrew Mitchell

Private Pilates/Movement Rehabilitation Session in Portland, OR from Jacqueline Lounsbury

Grateful Dead & Phish Bandana Bibs & Buffs from Michelle Armstrong

Prints from & by Isadora Bullock

A Keurig Machine & Coffee from Emily Dalton

Marshall & Marshall '06 Prints (One of 20 Sets in existence!) from Matthew Leon

Posters from Marc Fleet

An Assortment of 10 AZN Prints from AZN Prints/Andrea Zimmerman Nusinov

Stickers from Warren Weitzman

Note: Our only "administrative cost" is that we will pull money from the donations to ship the prize packs to the winners.  Unfortunately, Fundly takes 7.9% (their fee plus credit card processing fees). ALL OTHER MONEY RAISED, every penny, will go to these four charities.

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