Struggling Family Could Use a Helping Hand

Struggling Family Could Use a Helping Hand

From Chad Pelkey

I am raising money to fix the transmission in my car so volunteers can use it to drive me over 100 miles twice a week for medical appointments. Thank You

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I know my story is long, but please, I ask of you to read it and consider donating to my cause.

​My Story:

     Hello, my name is Chad Pelkey and I am a married father to 5 beautiful girls. My two oldest are in college, one in Vegas and the other in Omaha. My 21yr old, the one in Omaha, is a published author! Her first book was published at the age of 16. Since then, she has published another 3. My 15yr old is extremely interested in anything that involves animals, especially when it comes to abandoned pets. She wants to be a veterinarian. My 13yr old is really interested in anime. She absolutely loves anything to do with that genre. My youngest is 9. She is really into sports. She plays in league softball every season. 

     Now for the difficult things. My wife, whom I love dearly, works hard to provide for us, as I've been disabled since 2016. But, she doesn't bring in enough to cover everything. We both have a lot of medications to buy, totaling about $300 per month. She has diabetes and we have to buy insulin each month. Let me tell you, that stuff is not cheap. 

     I was diagnosed with a multitude of issues, but a few of them are pretty rough. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Stiff Person Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Adult Onset Seizures and Degenerative Bone Disease. I spend a lot of time at home and at doctors appointments. It sounds good, but it's not. I haven't been able to work, which I've done since I was only 10. 

     When my disability first started, it wasn't too bad. I was able to continue being an AWANA Director and VBS Preschool Director. But soon, that became too much as well. It continues to worsen day after day. It also seems like they find something new each visit as well. I have applied for disability, but I'm still going through the process. Sometimes I think the process hurts more than my body. I know, not funny. 

     Due to the slow disability process and my inability to have gainful employment, I am having to ask for help. It's not really anything anyone likes to do, especially as adults, but sometimes we need it. My dad is now unemployed and they're no longer able to help us make our bills. 

     None of this had been an issue until the transmission in the car went out. I've been depending on my mom, who lives 30min away, and my church family to get me to and from appointments. My appointments are an hour each way away. So you can understand the unnecessary mileage, wear and tear, and gas needed for these appointments. 

     So now I'm needing to think outside the box. I am hoping that you will read about my situation and feel Gods presence, his guidance, moving your heart to donate to my family's need.  It has been hard to admit to needing help. I've always found a way to provide for my family, going without myself so they would have. 

     It's for this reason that I'm asking for you to help me. To lend me a hand-up so I can try to get my family back on track again. The money raised will help to get the transmission fixed, either by raising enough to get a new one, or one from a salvage yard that still works. We found a place here locally that will do the work pretty cheap.

PS...I have very bad memory lapses, so if I said something twice, or it sounds weird, I apologize.

Thank you everyone,

from our family to yours

May the Lord bless and keep you always

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