Stronger Garage Gym

Stronger Garage Gym

From David Moutz

My vision is to create a garage gym where I live in my community and that it would eventually become a CrossFit affiliate. This gym would seek to reach out to those apprehensive or new to fitness. ​ ​

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I want to invite you to something that you can follow from start to finish. You can play a part of changing lives and see some great things take place that will happen because you had a part in it and on the way, you will be given things that will help you learn and better yourself in the process.

My vision is to create a garage gym where I live in my community and that it would eventually become a CrossFit affiliate. This gym would seek to reach out to the community, my neighbors, those apprehensive or unfamiliar with a wellness-oriented lifestyle, those that are new to the idea and don't know where to start and those that need to simply restart again.

I will share more about this as I go.


I am personally working on a couple of things. I am investing in training myself to coach and I am investing in the necessary  equipment.  I am going to tear down the small garage that right now holds a wood splitter and wood.

What I’m saying is I’m already all in on what I feel like I need to do. I know that things need to change for people and they need a place they can do it. My problem is that it will just take longer to manifest without the help of others. That won't derail me it just effects how fast I can get to others.

I also understand its not just about money. I think for the most part people will give for three reasons. Simply, you’re family and it doesn’t mean just's all you hear me talk about; you have the best chance to know my heart and  you love me and you jump in and push.

You're my friends - you know my story, my struggle and you genuinely want to help.

You’re a fan of the idea or the concept, you see that something like this could work and you're willing to give in hopes to see what might happen, you have been apart of a transformation and you know how tough it can be and what kind of support it takes and you're willing to throw in.  

I need people that want to help me with this endeavor by supporting me financially, by telling other people about what I’m trying to do and let them know about the website. I cannot stress this enough.     


When the gym is completed there will be a section of wall that will say Family, Friends and Fans. Under it will be written the names that helped support me in the establishing of this gym. It will stay there as a reminder to all those that helped make it happen. So, anyone coming into the gym will know who invested in this gym for them to benefit from. We won’t forget those that believed. I will share about this in the How can I help section.

I will share things weekly on nutrition, functional fitness, mental mindset, resources, quotes, stories, you’ll learn about Charleston West Virginia and of course transformation and change.

You will get to follow this along the way hopefully you will learn some new things that will help you personally and I really hope you will see this crazy dream come to life and you were apart of it.

You will be a part of picking the first shirt design and simply you will get all the news first.

I cannot do this without your financial help, your belief in what this vision is about, sharing it with others and prayer.

I believe it is going to take us doing this together to become STRONGER.




Honestly anything helps. Because this is the picture. I believe that this Garage Gym will be self sufficient in 3 years but to make that possible I need to raise 36,000. It literally helps with everything I am doing from buying equipment, building the gym, training, insurance, etc.

I will certainly accept onetime gifts anytime but I have broken it down this way because I think this helps when you’re giving to see the impact.

36,000 divided by 3 (years) = 12,000 (a year)

12,000 divided 12 = 1,000 (month)

1,000 divided by 100 (people) = 10.00 a month


3 years 100 people giving 10.00 a month helps make this possible

Its 2.50 a week. That’s just a little more that .35 cents a day.

Now of course there are other things that factor in but its just to help us see that for $2.50 a week you could create great change.

If people can only give for a year great! Two years super and if they commit to all three that fantastic! But I want you to understand this I realize that people may want to support STRONGER after three years and that is appreciated. However, remember what I said. Stronger Garage Gym by that time will be self-sufficient. You helped give it the push and support that it needed to walk on its own.

$1000 and above Gold/Yellow

$500 to $999             Blue

$100 to $499             Black

Anyone that commits to the $10.00 a month for three years being consistent Green

When $12,000 is raised I will tear down the existing garage and building will begin.

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