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looking for investors partnering with this project. To become an actual running reality show on tv networks worldwide.

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This is a show that men and women has been waiting for and what everyone has been fantasizing about, the show is Strip 101.


This is a reality show of real hot strippers, everyday house wives and women from 9-5pm jobs, they all come together and get to actually speak their mind and dancers get to voice their opinion.


But the show has a twist, the panel consists of 3 dancers whom are dressed sexy and scandalous, and ready to speak their mind, telling women why they do what they do.


We show the dancers’ world 


by going to the club and have a reality setting to see the dancer perform to make a living.


Then we bring one guest on the show from the everyday 9-5 professionals such as a bankers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc. going to her world to see how this young lady holds it all together.



We interview them one at a time, you get to see and hear about their life.


They all get the chance to get to know one another to discuss and find out what's going on the underground world of dancers, while the dancers get to find out what's going on in the world of everyday 9-5 professionals.


Take a journey with Ms. Be and her crew: Ester, Iliana, Leaness and Mercedes into the world of dancers and everyday women and get to ask the question every women want to know “Why do you do what you do?”



Ms. Be as the radio host that buffers and gives a positive feedback to the entire panel and to put good topics on the table for the panel to have quality conversation and keep the peace.


The show can get ugly every now and then because this is real live filming,


controlled environment, set up to speak their mind and get the feel to see how it's like to be in the real live strip club with real live dancers and also full of good conversation and a lot of fun. The world needs to see this.

Housewives, take a seat and watch it with us, watch the reality show you been wanting and waiting for. Give us a chance to show you guys what sexy and freak show is all about, must see TV.  

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