Streamlining The Fundraising Process

Streamlining The Fundraising Process

From Lora Young

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 There are many reasons that you may want or need to raise money. It may be for your education, or a special once in a lifetime occasion such as your wedding, a medical emergency, or you may need some help raising capital for a business you want to start. You may also feel passionate about a more societal cause - such as an advocacy, a cure for someone who is ill, or donating to a certain charity.

Gathering donations for your cause can be a quite tricky way to raise money. One way you can be encouraged to push through is to think of it as a sales exercise – it is a matter of letting people understand the value of what you are doing and letting them see that a contribution from them gives them value in return.

One rule in sales is to make the process of the first step – informing your potential buyers about your offering, to the last step – as smooth as possible. This step represents the point of actual purchase, or what’s also known as a conversion. 

This means lessening the amount of steps or friction that the buyer has to go through before finally giving you what you want. In normal sales, this means purchasing your product. But in fundraising, this translates to giving you the donation you are asking for.

There are ways you can actually streamline the whole fundraising process. Thanks to technology and all the ways these things can be automated nowadays, options for simplifying the whole procedure abound for you.

1. Use a crowdfunding platform.

There are plenty of online crowdfunding platforms nowadays. By using such tools, you can more easily spread your message through various channels such as social media. You are also able to update everyone more easily, send messages more quickly, and have everyone go back to one point of reference for confirmation, validation, and receiving appraisal of your situation.

2. Automate payments.

You can easily set up an online payment for your donors, so they don’t have to worry about how to get the money to you. Make sure all available options are presented to them, so they can choose which channel works best for them. If they do offer to give you the cash physically, make sure they’re covered and that there is a way to make this easy for them as well.

3. Use online registration options for a fundraising event.

It is much easier to update your attendees and donors as well as get access to your database if registration for a certain event is automated. You also eliminate the need for other logistical concerns on the ground if all registration can be done online – such as additional manpower, materials, opportunity cost and time – among others.

4. Use mobile accessibility to your website or fundraiser.

There are ways you can increase engagement by making your fundraiser applicable to a person’s mobile phone – such as making your website mobile friendly, holding auctions or raffles via an app instead of the traditional manual route, and even registering online. These details make it so much easier for your participants to engage with the whole process and makes the experience even more dynamic for them, building equity for your brand.

There are many other ways you can make the whole fundraising process simpler and more accessible to a wider range of people. Consider your options and make your whole campaign easy and even enjoyable for both you and your supporters.

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