Strategies for Making Your Charity a Success

Strategies for Making Your Charity a Success

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There are currently over 1.54 million charitable organizations in the US, and if you are one of them, you are probably facing tough competition from others in your area of specialization. In order to succeed,

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There are currently over 1.54 million charitable organizations in the US, and if you are one of them, you are probably facing tough competition from others in your area of specialization. In order to succeed, it is important to build a good reputation, build awareness of your charity, and find various sources of support. Read on to discover just a few strategies that can help you achieve your aim.

Building Trust

If you wish to stand the test of time and continue to attract donors, you will need to gain their trust. Transparency is the cornerstone of trust. It is important for your charity to have an ‘open-book policy’; to show donors where every dollar is going. Many charities publish how much (per dollar) goes into different projects and you can do the same by providing all this data on your website as well as in annual reports. Your books should not only be truthful but also show that you manage money responsibly. You should also have a clean credit report that is free of debts and other factors that can go against you. The impact of late payments can include a reputation for not managing money well and this is something that all charities should avoid. You can eliminate due payments from credit reports by requesting goodwill adjustments, offering to sign up for automatic payments, and enlisting help from a credit specialist if necessary. 

Developing Diverse Funding Sources

Avoid obtaining so much of your funding from one source that your operations would be threatened if this well were to run dry. Consider how you can target local businesses, government grants, and individuals via special events or fundraising campaigns. Make sure you have an active, inspired team that can boost your funding by starting up Fundly campaigns, organizing fundraising events, and creating campaigns. Enlist the talents of your collaborators and volunteers. For instance, those with artistic abilities may be able to create merchandise (think mugs, shirts, and bracelets) that can be sold to help raise funds. These items should have a demand that lies beyond raising brand awareness. That is, they should ideally have a visual appeal or be useful or in demand, to up your sales and make a real difference to your regular fundraising efforts. Another source of additional income is a store. Consider collecting secondhand and vintage items and selling them at a volunteer-run store.

Being Proactive

Being active on social media and having a well-designed website are important if you want to stand out in this digital age. Your website and other channels should contain information about your work, facts about the cause you are backing, and an updated events section. Your social media sites, meanwhile, can mark you as hardworking and committed, so make sure to upload everything you and your team of volunteers are doing. Use these channels to connect with target donors by telling the story of your charity. Most charities are started by people with a passion for a specific cause. Let your followers know what led you to dedicate your life to a specific group of people, animals, or the environment (to name just a few causes).

In order to succeed as a charity, clarity of vision, commitment, and transparency are vital. Have an ‘open book’ policy from the outset and make it easy for donors to know exactly where their money is going. Aim to diversify your sources of funds and be proactive with your efforts so that your followers see how authentically passionate you are about making a difference through your work.

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