I have started this campaign out of desperate need. We traveled to Neveda and are out of money-gas-food. We will not have means until 10/3. We are sleeping in our car with BZ our cat and Lewis our dog for 2 weeks!

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Hello friends!  We started our adventure off Saturday 10/2.  We would drive as far as we could and then to save we stopped at rest areas along the way to sleep.  When we reached Wyoming and the mountain passes there, the cars alternator went out.  We had just enough money after the repair to get to Neveda which was our destination.  We were to stay with our friend until we got paid again and found a place to call home.  Along our journey we were trying to call and text our friend but never got an answer which of course, made us extremely nervous.  But kept telling each other "he would not do this to us, would he?"  He would not tell us we were welcome to stay with him and then disappear like this, our friend just isn't like that. So when we got to his city in Nevada, we had no money no food, and hardly any gas left in our car and no money at all.  Still no answer from him.  We heard that travelers can stay in Walmart parking lots safely, so that is where we headed.  After being there a couple more days without any word we realized that we were in real trouble.  We have contacted the homeless organizations in this city and have found a soup kitchens where we can eat once a day and shower if you get on the list early enough.  You can also do laundry there for 50 cents a load.  We received a 50$ gas card also and that gave us 1/2 tank of gas which was such a blessing considering it is extremely hot during the day here and our pets have to be kept cool.  Unfortunately the shelters in this city are all full.  We checked into a small payday type loan and they are unable to loan to someone that does not have a piece of mail showing permanent residence here.  We checked into donating plasma for money but same there have to show proof that you have residency here.  We ended up doing what we both believed we would never do in our lifetime and that is standing at a stop sign and holding up a "anything helps" sign. What a humbling humiliating and hopeless experience that is! The realization hit us at that moment that we are homeless and living in a car at walmart!  We get very little sleep at night and have very little food each day for us and our pets.  We are exhausted and more than a little worried.  We are just hoping we can get a little help with money to stay in an economical hotel and get out of this car until we get paid 10/3.  We are actively looking for apartments that fit our budget and have found a few but we don't have the funds to get a place to live until we get a check.  We are hoping that we can get some help from this fundraiser and be able to get out of this car and into some safe shelter and better our living situation for us and our pets.  Anything you can do to help us will be so very much appreciated.  This is a miserable situation and one that we really can't tolerate much longer.  Thank God we get along so well.  And our "friend", yes he finally answered our text and said that he took a job out of town and will be on that job for a month or so.  No mention of this at all to us before we left or while we were driving across this country!  We are hoping to set up here a few towns away from where he lives and are determined to do this without his help any further.  We just hope and pray that we can get some assistance from this fundraiser to get us into a safer environment.  Thank you for reading this post and considering us for a donation.  

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