#StopTheBias: Bring Back Free Speech to Social Media

#StopTheBias: Bring Back Free Speech to Social Media

From Peter Boykin

Peter Boykin wants to do is raise money to lobby Congress, to reach out to those in power to make a change. The funds will be used to fund to travel to DC and protest, to meet with members of Congress, and help addres...

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Stop Censorship, Protect Free & Fair Speech #StopTheBias

@PeterBoykin was Banned From Twitter, 5/10/19 just days before his birthday. He had over 103K followers, including over 1.3K Verified Followers. All of which he lost contacts with many people. He needs your help. 

Peter Boykin's Crime:

Being a conservative with too much-growing influence.

We have seen Many notable conservatives banned since Donald Trump was elected in 2016. The Question is when will this stop?

We can do NOTHING without there being legislation put in place there must be regulation placed on social media. There is TOO much worldwide influence that comes from these social media monopolies.

Social media is the new Pony Express, Telegraph, Post Office, Telephone Service, Internet, etc.. the new way to communicate with others. It has become a large part of having a business, conducting business, and a tool that is a must-have for a journalist, or for someone like Peter Boykin a news commentator running a radio station and news show as well as a media influencer of which Peter Boykin went to college and obtained a Masters Degree. 

Peter Boykin has been told by many a lawyer they don't see a case, but honestly, some have already sued an won. The answer is not to create a new social media network, nor to jump on a new one every 5 mins. The answer is to correct the ones that are honestly the most powerful ones.

What if Walmart and Target told you to never come back?

What if Major Grocery stores told you never to come back?

What is Microsoft Windows, and Apple OS told people they could not use their OS systems anymore?

What if Androids and Apples told you that you could not use their phones? 

Many people say follow the rules that you signed up for and you won't be banned, but even if you follow the rules they will bend them to ensure you "break them."

We are living in 1984, we are the thought criminals. Until we find a way we can take this on and make a change we will keep losing.

So what Peter Boykin is wanting to do is raise money to lobby Congress, to reach out to those in power to make a change. The funds will be used to fund to travel to DC and protest, to meet with members of Congress, and help introduce bills to address these issues.

Technology is still the new frontier, laws are written as cases are presented. The more lawyers ignore what is happening the more it will continue and get worse.

At this rate, anyone discovered gaining influence on social media will be suspended or deleted by these social media giants for any reason they make up.  This in itself is shaping and influencing "society" in their image. Do you really want large corporations telling you what is best?

1984 was meant to be a warning, not a guidebook.

This is why we need your help to raise funding. Someone has to do something.

Note we plan on being in Washington DC for the 4th of July.

We are looking at planning a small dinner party.

Also, Peter Boykin is hoping to have it be a book release party and also to help raise funding for the activism we intend to do.

If you donate over $250 to this gofundme and will be in the DC area and if this gofundme raises over $4,000 we will give you a ticket to the dinner party. Consider it a big thank you for supporting us.

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