Stop teenage vaping NOW

Stop teenage vaping NOW

From Lakeland Group America

Our mission is to significantly influence a major campaign against the deadly epidemic of vaping that is especially prevalent among teenagers and young adults.

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A parent of a now deceased 14-year-old girl reached out to us about a month ago. She told us about how her daughter had been supported on a ventilator in a hospital room for weeks due to severe lung damage caused by vaping.  The parents did not realize that their daughter was vaping until they took her to the emergency room complaining of shortness of breath and chest pains.  After evaluation and questioning by the doctor, they learned that she had been vaping.  

The daughter later admitted shat she had been vaping for almost a year to that point.  The parents were understandably frantic and hysterical as it caught them completely by surprise.  In the days that followed the discovery of vaping, the parents investigated how she might have has access to the vaping inhalers.  They discovered that they were getting it from a small convenience store about half a mile from her school.  She would buy them frequently on the way to school or get them from one of her friends who would vape with her before school every morning.

After she died, the parents began to look for ways they can take revenge on the company responsible for killing their daughter.  That is when they found us.

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