Steve Johnson Memorial Fund

Steve Johnson Memorial Fund

From Many Masks

I am raising money for the family of Steve Johnson who passed away suddenly in his sleep at age 31 leaving behind his wife & 1 month old daughter Mackenzie. Im trying to help two of the best people I've ever met.

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I meet Steve my first day of art College. The dorm apartment I moved into had room for 4 people, for 2 weeks I was the only one in the apartment. My neighbors across the hall were two guys, one was an artist type, Pete (If he's reading this he knows he fits this bill lol) and the other looked out of place at an art school. He was a tall guy with a football build. This was Steve. I met them when Steve knocked on my door and invited me to go with them to an Animal Collective show. The first interaction I had with Steve was him inviting me to see a band, a stranger that just happened to be across the hall. I quickly found that this was how Steve approached everyone, you were a friend he hadn't met yet. A week later Steve & Pete moved into my empty dorm. 

Through out College Steve's work ethic made me, a procrastinator, look like I didn't deserve to be there. It was impossible to not feel inspired to create when Steve was drawing or making something, even when that something was poop on a canvas as the assignment was, according to Steve " A load of shit, so I'll give them shit!" I very quickly met his girlfriend (now wife and soon to be Mother of his child) Katie. We were in the same degree program and it was clear that they shared the same drive to create art. The two of them became my closest friends (including another designer, he knows who he is) driving me to create and compete on projects. I honestly do not know if I'd done well or enjoyed college without having met the two of them.  

Many parties, many sleepless nights working, more poop than one would care to mention, I can safely say the two of them became two of my closest friends and truly family. Life goes on and even thousands of miles away I knew I could shoot a text about anything and hear back from both of them. 

What tears me up the most about Steves passing is that his daughter won't get to personally meet her father though I have no doubt that she will know how loved and kind he was was through stories told by his many many many friends. I can't be there in person to help Katie, but I can try to raise some money for whatever she could need. It still doesn't feel like enough but I figured I could try.  

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