Step Marketing Start-up: Conscious Evolution™

Step Marketing Start-up: Conscious Evolution™

From Robert Bury

We are passionate about the power of conscious transformation and the science and technology behind this evolution. Our burning desire and joy is to bring the tools, training, resources and community everyone needs.

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Step Marketer™ a division of AweLove U™:

We're helping people discover, define and fulfill their life's purpose, in service to humanity.

With collectively almost 40 years experience in: marketing, growth & development, social responsibility, corporate industries & start-ups, energy sciences and personal development.   We believe, and have a deep knowing that life is meant to be joyful and abundant. We know that real power comes in the act of giving, and science proves that a heart and mind aligned transforms the reality of the world around us.  Now almost three years later, we are ready to take the next Step.

"Our job, is primarily a function of clarity and vision. We do hold the pole of marketing know-how of what is working but all of that is null and void without clarity and vision and conscious alignment.  We help you get crystal clear on your vision, then from that place, hold that vision (with you) as a present reality.  We can transform the world by applying these universal laws and techniques to any platform of business in any industry or for any individual.

We set your goals, we craft a plan and I feed you steps – daily, weekly, monthly.  All the while, we both hold the vision of your outcome. We monitor your results and adjust as necessary until what you want is a full and present reality." ~ Robert Bury, creator and co-founder of Step Marketer™ & AweLove University™.

Our passion and purpose is truly to help others achieve their dreams, whilst being in service to humanity and focusing on purpose driven projects and social enterprise; grounded in the new sciences to transform the planet.  Doing our part of the Conscious Evolution™ the global population of mankind is now facing.  We serve the HALOs: Healers, Artists, Lightworkers and Others in Service to Humanity and The HALO Collective™

It's for our children, our loved ones, and our great love of humanity.


All donations will go towards staffing, facilities rentals, equipment, IT design and development, printed materials, branding and marketing.

IN such gratitude for the support provided and freely, lovingly given. These donations will continue our growth and support in our direct community in the Pacific Northwest as well as expanding our continued reach to our global community and ensure that we are poised for Phase II expansion.  Developing and training leaders in our Conscious Evolution™ systems and quantum technologies and deploying our turn-key blueprint to new communities.   Also launching the first of 3 apps for all mobile devices.

These funds will also secure sponsorship for Step Marketer at national events and speaking on various panels and forums.  Funds raised will allow automation of our internal network and systems resulting in providing more hours of service and training, both online, and live in-person.


Utilizing Quantum Conscious Technologies™, backed by the new sciences and paralleled with award winning simplified systems.  Our products and library of services provide simplified business marketing, development, and leadership skills for recurring transformation.   Whilst establishing a collective team and global community that continues the support, growth, resources and opportunities for business professionals and HALOs as well as our youth to thrive, learn, teach and master living.  


Funds raised go directly to growth and expansion, staffing, facilities rentals, IT and platform development, equipment and sponsorship as well as community development.  

We are at the point where growth is essential, it is time to take this bare bones company and turn it into an organization that can  support the demand of growth upon it.  Much like the planets' evolutionary shift, we too are at critical mass.


Immediate results, Phase I positioned with 4 classes in 7 week cycles, as we build out 5 day intensives.  10 clients per week, 3 groups, building out the membership platform, and global database and 2 new B2B contracts.  Executing development services on per client basis.

Mid-term and Phase II, with crowd funding and pro forma assumptions on target, we will be able to expand to 6 Live Classes, 15 Online Classes, an integrated and developed team of practitioners, remote locations in 5 cities, 20 Clients per week, and start rolling out program specific initiatives for The HALO Collective™ .  Confirmed national speaking and forums, launch of 2 books. Curriculum taught and available for purchase. Funding and resources to The HALO Collective™  Expeditions, weekend seminars. HALO Youth Council roll-out. Large B2B client list. Collaborative projects.

Long-Term, and our Phase III, is acquired facilities for our organization.  Traveling to international expos and forums. Deployment of HALO NGO.  Boots on the ground, turn-key initiatives global from Dubai to Vancouver BC.  Ascent, Light Up the Night 24 hour synchronized event. HALO World Premier. Travel to speak at auditoriums, Intensives, Retreats,  Global Groups, Year Long Online Groups and Systems. 15 books, three podcasts, showcase of HALO’s and their projects. JV Structures with global partnerships.


Your trust, insight and impacts are of the utmost value.  We are so grateful that you read our campaign and are here to help.  We honor you and trust we can express deeply enough what these contributions mean to us.  Thank you for saying YES to our business, purpose, vision and dreams.  This has been our lifelong mission and vision, and with your help it is being actualized.  There are not words that convey our thanks and appreciation.  More importantly, what this is showing our children and those we teach, coach, mentor and support.  You are the real inspiration in this journey.  Leave your foot print on the future.  See your name on our Founding Footprints Beach.

WHAT ELSE DOES YOUR DONATION DO:  For Every Giving Level 2 thru 5 donation received, Your Reward will be matched and paid forward as a service to a HALO entrepreneur in need.

Whether $11 or $1100, every contribution helps our campaign get closer to its' goal.

 Help us get the word out, please share our link in your social media Universe: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. etc. etc...

Our promise to you:  Stay tuned as we will continue to share our story and journey along this campaign.  It truly is something powerful and inspiring to become a part of an adventure bigger than ourselves.  It's more than our culture, it's a Conscious Evolution™.

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In Loving Gratitude,

Robert Bury + Alora Brown

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them." -John F. Kennedy

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