Stay Rad Project

Stay Rad Project

From Rhett Alan Atwood

Stay rad is all about promoting growth in smaller communities through BMX, many small communities do not have skate parks north safe places for kids to ride, or mentors to help

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I think every one of us remembers our first thrill of riding a bike, learning to ride without training wheels, building your first jump with some bricks and boards just to feel a little air beneath your tires, thst feeling, we chase it in many ways as children, the excitement of uncertainty, the thrill of feeling something new that scares you and makes you happier than words all at the same time. As we grow older the uncertainty starts to have a different effect, more responsibility, more stress, less excitement in the unknown. STAY RAD and the Stay Rad project, are on a mission to enstill this excitement is ourselves and  in further generations.  BMX may not be for everyone but for even those who do not ride BMX we must acknowledge what it teaches us and our children’s BMX teaches us that nothing comes without work at teaches us to never give up it also teaches us to respect one another to learn from one another to extend a hand when our fellow writer or neighbor has fallen,  these principles and the learnings of BMX can be  so beneficial in a child’s life,  and speaking from personal experience it’s something that I have loved and enjoyed for over 20 years,  and with the knowledge and importance of safety it will allow me and my fellow riders to do it well beyond or 30s,  too many riding BMX is something they can’t understand but if you break it down to simply what it teaches us and what it does for us it’s very easy to see all of its benefits.  Our goal here is much bigger than just getting a skate park for our local kids So that they can have a safe place to ride. Our project is more about expanding this Set of principles and knowledge of BMX, and it’s benefits in our communities that are lacking somewhere  for youth to ride and feel safe.  I myself am also a business owner  and I completely understand the concern many have with liability and our youth getting hurt while out riding.  But we also give them no other option,  The Armstrong trail was a great place to ride your bicycle but if you’re not riding to reach a destination, or to  track your mileage on your fit bit ,  The Armstrong trail doesn’t offer much excitement for our youth that  interested in riding BMX or even skateboarding or scooters,   Many will say there a skate parks in pittsburgh, Indiana and butler,  but many youth do not have the opportunity travel,  we need to give our  kids a place they can learn progress and feel safe,  another concern is funding ,  most borrows do not want to invest money into something like this, however we are not looking for government funding,  we want to do this for the community by the community, because this is something that will give our kids hope, it will give them excitement,  it will give them a path outside of hanging and running the streets and turning to drugs or crime,  BMX skateboarding and scootering all are benifical, they require work and commitment and have unspeakable lifelong benifits. 

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