Startup Campaign for Trauma Victims

Startup Campaign for Trauma Victims

From Erin Kozina

I'm raising money for the startup of my nonprofit organization. At Erin's Safe Haven, we aim to help trauma victims take the first step into recovery.

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At Erin's Safe Haven, we aim to help trauma victims take the first step into recovery.  I have struggled with PTSD, anxiety, trauma, and depression disorder for 14 years now.  There are days when it is excruciating to function in society.  What I feel on the inside, people coming out of a traumatic situation, still show on the outside.  There is time to get them the help and resources they need to move on in life.  Everyone deserves to feel they are worthy of happiness and love, and I strive to prove this to everyone around me daily.  Many people do not know that trauma of all kinds physically changes the landscaping of your brain.  For those of us like myself that develop PTSD, our brains take on a different structure.  Some areas will become hyperactive while others are less active.  This creates an imbalance.  Emotions, memories, moods, and everything in life can be thrown off balance.  If we, as a community of people who care about humanity, can get people out of these situations and into safe spaces, they have a chance of not living with the demons I have had for many years of my life.  There is no cure for trauma, but we can create a community of people full of love and trust for survivors to lean on.  Trauma support is vastly underfunded and many victims end up intertwined with the homeless population and never receive the therapy and care they need to recover.

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