Starting over from scratch

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Starting over from scratch

From Gregg Pearcy

I'm raising money to help with moving expenses. I'm being forced to move on and leave most of my things behind due to personal issues. I have work lined up in Florida, just need to get there.

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My name is Gregg.  I'm a Navy vet (1995) and Eagle Scout (1989).  I have a spinal fusion in my lower back.  I have been taking care of my elderly parents for the past 10 years.  3 years ago they bought a house on tax auction, for me to live in, while I took care of them.  So i could be near by and not be live in.  This took up the vast majority of my time.  I did this for free, or to pay for my rent, or however you want to look at it.

  I am adopted, have always known, and was recently found by my biological half sister.  That's when things started going downhill.  I'm not blaming anyone.  But I am being forced to move. 

I have a motorcycle as means of transportation.    I have  a Veterans group that will help me find a job and housing once I get to Florida.

I was trying to sell my things to fund this move, but my parents have dementia, and they truly believe my things belong to them, and threaten to have me arrested for selling my own things.  Some things were gifts from my father, he has receipts.  I do not.  Going to jail is not in my best interests.  This places me in a prediciment I cant seem to see the way out of.

Here's what the funds will be used for:

Moving truck rental : $1050 - $1200 (one way 1100 miles)

Gas: $600 (estimated)

Insurance: $300

Tolls: $50

Incidentals: $400 - $500  Anything remaining from this will go toward shelter expenses.

I love my parents, but cannot take the emotional and mental abuse anymore.  I want to go, they want me to go, they wont let me leave here with anything without involving the police.  I was served with an eviction notice for Jan 10th 2019.  Its their way of helping me get on my feet again, by kicking the legs out from under me.

Why not stay where I am at?  I have applied to several hundred, possibly 1000 (ive lost count) job posting for this area.  I have been applying for most of 2018.  Its always the same story, that positions been filled.  I would be hard pressed to find a job posting I havent applied for. 

I have no other options.  I have always looked out for others, now I could use some looking out for me.  This is possibly the most embarrassing and humiliating thing to have to do. 

I want to thank you for you time.

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