Stafford Gordon Burial

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Stafford Gordon died leaving two young kids and a wife. His death could not come at a more dreadful time for those he left behind. He was the breadwinner for the family.  For me he was a spiritual brother, and good example of a family man and someone who was trying to put his life together as a servant of God. His primary focus before he died was to ensure his family was taken care of but now he is not able to express his love and desires towards them . 

The Family at this point is burdened with the cost of his sudden death while continuing to struggle to make ends meet. The Funds raised through this medium will help to assist with his burial. We hope to raise $2,500 USD in 3 weeks to assist the family. 

His Wife will be in charge of his Burial arrangements. I Leroy McKenzie will be assisting her with organizing donations relating to this medium.

We thank you for your love and thankful expressions towards the Gordon's Family.

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