St. Anthony's Church Sri Lanka Bomb Attack Relief

St. Anthony's Church Sri Lanka Bomb Attack Relief

From Tania Soris

On Easter Sunday morning, a series of coordinated bombs targeted at churches around Sri Lanka tragically killed over 200 innocent people. All donations are for the benefit of the St. Anthony's Church relief effort.

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Several deadly explosions took place in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday morning at approximately 8:30 AM during church services killing over 200 people and injuring hundreds more. 

Sri Lanka, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, suffered decades of civil war that ended in 2009. Since then, there has been some political instability and sporadic attacks, but nothing on this scale.

As a member of the Sri Lankan diaspora in New York, I feel obligated to help these innocent victims and churches that were subject to these atrocious attacks. St. Anthony's Church, in particular, is extremely close to my heart as I used to attend this church regularly growing up. 

I remember going to St. Anthony's Church, at the age of 8, with my mum after school to light candles and pray during the "Tuesday Novena." St. Anthony's Church is one of the busiest and is considered one of the most sacred churches in Colombo. 

On this Easter Sunday morning, hundreds of worshippers attending church service at St. Anthony's were planning to head back home to enjoy a variety of colorful curries and coconut "sambols" for lunch to celebrate Easter. These innocent people, and thousands of other churchgoers across Sri Lanka, had no idea that these terrible attacks were coming.

My family is fortunate to have survived this horror, but many families were not so lucky. Bloodied bodies line the wooden church pews. And the altar where I once used to light my bright yellow candles has been obliterated, along with a relic of St. Anthony. 

At this time of stifling fear and terror, I am asking you to help St. Anthony's church and the victims of this horrible violence in any way you can. I will work with my mum to send all the donations either directly to the church, or to the families of victims identified by the police.

These tragic, ruthless, and heartless bomb attacks that took place at St. Anthony's church and at other churches across Sri Lanka are a reminder of the need to help one another in times of such suffering. I ask you to please seriously consider making a generous donation to St. Anthony's church and the families of the victims who worship there. 

If you would like to learn more about this church or my affiliation to it, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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