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Thursday, March 21st - The home of Frank Squicciarini, Niki Capaci and their eight (8!) children (Aryana, Loreli, Maya, Jaeden, Layla, Carmine, Angalena and Starla) burned down and was subsequently knocked down to put out the remaining flames. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the fact remains that this family has lost pretty close to everything they owned, save for the clothes on their bodies and the cars they were able to get out in time. No one was seriously injured or killed, so the most important pieces were saved, but they will need some money to secure a new home and to get clothing and everyday supplies.

Renter's insurance will probably help out, eventually, but we have no idea when or if it will even happen at all. The money goal in this  page is a meaningless number. Any amount you can give will help and will be used and very much appreciated.

Let's show the Squicciarini family how big of a heart Orange County has and how much we help our own! The goal is $5,000 in the next month for this family - I know Orange County will step up, no doubt - WE GOT THIS!!!!

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