Spreading smiles to Sri Lanka

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Spreading smiles to Sri Lanka

From Nim Swardt

Nim De Swardt from @ASQUAREWORLD is raising funds for the Boossa School in Sri Lanka

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Thirty reasons why you can help spread smiles to Sri Lanka!

No one should dread turning 30! For my 30 this month I wanted to give back a little to a place that anyone who has experienced loves – Sri Lanka.

The smiles of the children at the Boossa School in the South of the Island would fill anyone with joy!

Please note - 100% of every single donation will go directly to the school! This is a personal fundraising project.

You can help spread more smiles to the children of the Boossa School in Sri Lanka!

What is my donation going towards? Currently the following areas are in desperate need to repair:

1.     Effect urgent repairs to the building which house the computer class, science class and the library. The 50 year old building needs replacement of rotting wood, replacing some of the very old tiles, ceiling sheets, rewiring the building as the electrical circuit is hugely outdated.

2.     The refurbishing of the hall (classes from year 8 to 11) and the small stage of the same building.

The donations could also be used for books for the library, stationary supplies, computers and uniforms to the needy.

What is the Boossa School, Sri Lanka?

 Boossa School was established in 1907 in a sleepy southwest coastal fishing village of then Ceylon by a well known local philanthropist to provide free education at a time when the missionary schools were levying a fee. A century later, the school, which is now state controlled mix gender of 150 students, continues to be supported for the last decade by the grandson of the founder who holds the not so privileged community very dear to his heart.

This is a personal fundraising effort with 100% of the funds going directly to the school and managed by the grandsons father who is an active Boossa community member and personal friend.

You cant save the world, but you can make a small difference in some smiling Sri Lankan kids lives!

Spread the compassion and joy – it’s a good deed for the day. 

Thank you and one love


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