“Spread The Love”

“Spread The Love”

From William Puckett

I am raising money for me and my wife to go to college and better are self to be able to take care of are 3 children. We also have a story to tell why we won’t to go to school so bad and how we got to this point.

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Hello my name is Austin Puckett and my wife’s name is Amber. We got married at the age of 16. When we found out she was pregnant with are son we decided to quit school and go to work and get married. Quitting school wasn’t the best decision but with no one to help us I had to go to work to be able to provide for my family just as she had to be at home to take care of the babies. 1999 are son Carson was born and in 2001 are first daughter Haley was and last but not least in 2003 are baby Chloe was born. Everybody in the beginning was against us saying we were to young and weren’t going to make it and just not really having faith or believing in us. 21 years later we are still going strong. Here is were the hard part of life starts 6 years ago we both became addicted to opioids and lost everything he had worked hard for and also lost people in are life’s choosing drugs over them and also making bad choices and also my father died and I have never had a mother so I took loosing my dad bad. I am not proud of this but we went 3 years with no running water,electricity and a lot of times no food or eating for days were we lost hope and people had gave up on his. We also in this time didn’t even have a car or a way to get to and from anywhere and it was hard and we basically just gave up on life. By the grace of god last year in April we began a recovery program and got clean and both of us have been clean for over a year. We got a car we have paid are bills on time for a solid year we have kept are cell phones on without being cut off a lot of things a lot of people take for granted but the most happiest moment was getting back are babies. Know everyone is back in the same household together. So since we have proved to are selfs we can do anything we are wanting to go back to college full time so we can make good money to be able to take care of the kids and are grandchildren in the future. But being in school full time and not being able to work leaves a void of a financial burden of not being able to pay those bills. So I have decided to do this and if god sees fit we will receive the money to be able to go to college and be able to survive the 24 months until we get are degree. This may not mean a lot to some but I wanna do this for myself and also prove to my children you can always bounce back from mistakes and turn your life around anytime and also that with hard work and determination anything is possible. I am not good at explaining but I would be willing to answer any questions anyone has or if there is someone that reads this and is going through the same battle I am here for any support.

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