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In Kenya some of us have become accustomed to seeing homeless people around in major town begging, sleeping at the city's doorways-almost becoming part of the landscape, ever-present yet barely noticed. 

In the wake of the public health emergency created by the novel corona virus, it's time to notice. We truly are all in this together. 

To get Covid19 under control, it's essential to get the un housed inside, where too, they can self-isolate. That means they'll also have a door to shut behind them. Not left on the streets. Not in tents. Not in congested homeless shelters. 

Kenya has dozens of vacated public schools, These spaces could be used to house those without homes, and avert what could lead to an ongoing disaster. 

The government should consider not leaving the vulnerable population to go unhoused and exposed. It endangers everyone.  In that effect, all funds raised here will be directed at supplying basic essentials like food and survival kits/equipment.

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