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I am raising money to study masters in Public Health within the country- TANZANIA. Money will go into tuition fee, stationary, research and accommodation.

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 19 Feb 2020


Email; ayubumenyo@gmail.com

                                                                                                         Skype: live:ayubumenyo

Dear Sir/Madam


Refer to the above subject, I hope you are doing well, my name is Ayubu G Menyo a Tanzanian with National ID no. 19890129-14125-0000323. I have completed university study 2014 at Sokoine Univesity of Agriculture with Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition.  I am writing this letter to request for Master study degree of Public Health sponsorship at the Catholic University of Health and Allied Science (CUHAS)-Tanzania which is expected to start on 1October 2019.  I have got admission at this university.

Nowadays education have become the key issue for the development of any nation especially education related to the human health. Since I was in secondary study I was thinking about how to help the community to fight against different problems related to their health, now I am happy to being selected to study the second degree (masters study) of Public Health, this will help me to solve some problems within the community surroundings and the nation as whole. Despite of the employment challenges that I passed on, I never give up, for a long time I experienced a short term employment with only 6 months contracts for four years since I completed university study; now I have 1 year without any employment, although I have been writing applications to the different organizations and institutions without any success, I have now decided to apply for the Master study to advance my education. Fortunately enough I have been selected twice to study for the master degree but have been unable to take that study due to lack of fee.

I now request you for sponsorship to enable me to come to the acme.  I have the intention of helping secondary school students to realize themselves, stick on their education and teach them about HIV/AIDS issues so as to rescue them and the nation as whole.   

Your sponsorship will be of good support to my study. I assure you that to my level best I will study and won’t let you worry about your sponsorship.    

I have decided to request you for sponsorship because I understand that you are the only one who can help me solve this issue.

I have tied to find sponsorship from different NGOs including the Friends of Tanzania, but I ended in vain because they don’t sponsor individuals. I have been writing different concept notes for sponsorship including “INVESTIGATING THE IMPACT OF DIFFERENT LOCAL GOVERNMENT’S REGULATIONS AND POLICIES ON NUTRITION AND FOOD SECURITY IN IRINGA REGION-TANZANIA.”. I decided to choose Iringa region because it is among the regions which produce a lot of food in Tanzania (Big Four regions) for food production, but policies and government regulation may affect that production.  According to the United Nation, world population reached 6 billion and estimated the population will exceed 8 billion by 2025 an increase of 2 billion people in just 26 years (UN, 1999).  While agriculture production of food remains the same, the increase of population will have an effect on food supply and food security (FAO, 2008). Many countries in the world implement policies to support their farmers increase crop production and productivity. Some of these policies can be in form of subsidy. Maize production and productivity in the Big Four regions of the Southern Highlands namely Ruvuma, Mbeya, Iringa and Rukwa began to decline because the soils required greater use of fertilizers (Ponte, 2002). Diminishing agricultural production after independence can be explained by failed policies, and for that reason it is hard to evaluate what economic possibilities there would have been for Tanzania under present world-market conditions (Lofchie, 1989). Ponte (2002) studies show how policy reforms affect rural livelihoods in Africa. The role of the state has changed in the agricultural sector in African countries (Ponte, 2002). The challenges of hunger, diseases especially malnutrition cannot participate fully to the national development because the government budget will be spent on vaccination and medication. I believe that, a health and strong nation will move forward to advance social and economic development. But did not get positive answers. Having failed these situations gave me a hard time so I expect to get sponsorship from you.

For the last eight months I have collect Tsh. 2 million (U$1,000) so I request you to sponsor me Tsh 22.475 million (U$ 11,238) for one year study. My admission has been attached for more information you may contact through: ayubumenyo@gmail.com

I hereby hope for the best results.


Ayubu G Menyo. 

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