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Donations will help make Freedom of Choice Student Center Homeschool the learning environment our families deserve and desire for the future of their children.

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Hello friends,

The Freedom of Choice Student Center Homeschool (FCSCH) is excited to have successfully opened our new doors for fall enrollment to provide an exceptional education to students. We want the future of our program to be even brighter.

Building for the Future

Freedom of Choice Student Center Homeschool is embarking on a fundraising campaign to benefit students in Grades PK-12.  Funds raised will support and enhance the alternative education learning environment in our two core areas: academics and guidance counseling. While our goals are ambitious, we know the results will have an impact on current and future students, and that you will be proud to take part in this initiative as a member of our fundraising team. Our homeschool includes a spacious facility, large play/activity room for primary students, spacious classrooms, multiple bathrooms, a separate school guidance counseling office, Counseling and Career Center with a student lounge, internet café and U.S. Constitution resource center.  With the support of the community, we know we can accomplish much, much more for years to come.


Freedom of Choice Student Center Homeschool is an alternative comprehensive academic program serving students in Grades PK through 12. Our personalized learning is impressive: FCSCH offers a range of specialty programs, including a Classical education curriculum based on the trivium; Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric with the core curricular areas taught with a focus on Literacy, Literature and Math.  We pride ourselves in having a qualified staff dedicated to the success of EVERY student and an experienced administration who ensures that our program is successfully implemented.  What sets us apart from other alternative programs is our credentialed and certificated school counselor who provides individualized school counseling services in the areas of academic planning, college and career readiness and social-emotional development support developed to maximize student success and promote access to achievement for all students.  This service is especially important because of the mental health crisis and increased suicide rates which have significantly surged in children and adolescents since the pandemic.  Additional FCSCH programs include an after-school option, English Immersion, U.S Constitution 101, Spanish for beginners, math tutoring, summer enrichment and future various afterschool electives. Parents and students choose FCSCH not only for a great academic environment but also for it is safe, mandate-free options, individualized learning and academic preparedness they do not receive at other institutions. The range of options available in our school attracts students from all over San Diego and Orange counties.

While we were told it would take two years to open a learning program such as this, time was of the essence and FCSCH opened within two months.  FCSCH proudly opened its original doors in January 2022 and new doors in August 2022. Our vision is to continue to grow and raise financial support for our student’s academic success through enhancement projects by:

  • Continuing to expand by providing more more spacious classrooms.
  • Converting an old office space into a new and inspiring Counseling and Career Center where students are provided academic, college and career and social-emotional development support in a confidential space. This area also includes a conference room where students and parents receive presentations with the latest college and career information and resources.
  • Creating a student lounge and internet café to make the area a more appealing place for students to study, collaborate and connect.
  • Building a large, organized play/activity room which allows the elementary children to socialize, exercise and engage in creative and independent play. This type of play has positive effects on the brain and on a child's ability to learn and is known to function as an important, if not crucial, mode for learning. This area will also be used for primary school productions and small group counseling.
  • Adding computers in our internet café and smart TVs inside each classroom. Some students do not have mobile computers and newer technology is necessary to support our Classical curriculum.
  • Supporting the extra-curricular aspects of our classroom programs such as primary school productions, events, support for afterschool elective resources and future clubs.

Concept and Approach

The FCSCH administration plans to organize several fundraisers and, in addition, solicit support from our supportive San Diego and beyond communities.

To be successful, this project requires the leadership and support of both the school and community. The school administration and staff, students and community all support the project – we are looking to our parents and community leaders to help take this to the next level. This effort will be overseen and directed by a newly formed Fundraising Committee.


Improvements are focused on enhancing the quality of the learning environment to help students focus on pursuing their academic, mental health and post-secondary goals, while fully exploring their personal interests. These enhancements will help promote a healthy academic learning environment, build a sense of community and instill school pride.

Donations needed to provide the following:

  • Offsetting the costs of rental space and school maintenance
  • Purchase new furniture (tables, chairs), desktop computers (5), school resources, curriculum, and bookshelves for the Counseling and Career Center, student lounge and internet café
  • Smart TVs for each classroom (6)
  • Purchase preschool resources
  • Purchase microscopes for the science class (6)
  • Purchase of iPads or Chromebook for the students and teachers (30)
  • Provide financial support for primary student productions and miscellaneous needs
  • Sponsorship for a child’s tuition 
  • Other (Sponsor’s preference)

These additions will have a direct impact on our entire student population:

  • All academic, physical and independent play, afterschool elective course and counseling services will be able to utilize the facilities
  • FCSCH students will enjoy the advantages of these upgrades many times over.

The Fundraising Committee has developed a recognition program to honor those who have contributed to FCSCH.  Individuals and companies involved in this campaign will be recognized for their support throughout the year.

Ways to contribute:

  • Direct donation (any amount)
  • Sponsoring the Counseling and College/Career Center for one year - $10,000
  • Sponsoring one classroom for one year (6 available) - $5000
  • Sponsoring the primary play/activity room for one year (410 sq. ft) - $5000
  • Scholarships to sponsor a child’s annual tuition (PK-5 $7000/year, 6-12 $8000/year)

Our recognition program will include the following: Unless sponsors request anonymity, each sponsor will be recognized for their support throughout the year.  As a sponsor, your personal or business name will appear on the wall inside the sponsored room.  For room sponsors, you will be featured in our bi-weekly newsletter and have a plaque honored in your name which will hang in our parent lounge.  Each donation is for one year after which you will have the option to renew.  Unless requested to be anonymous, all other donors will be recognized in our parent lounge on our donor wall. 

Sponsor levels

George Washington - $20,000 or more

James Madison -$15,000-$20,000

Benjamin Franklin – 10,000-$15,000

Thomas Jefferson - $8,000-$10,000

John Hancock - $6,000-$7,000

Crispus Attucks- $5000-$6000

Betsy Ross - $1000-$5000

William Lee - $500-$1000

Samuel Adams - $250-$500

Paull Revere - $1-$250


We anticipate completing our campaign by December 2022, but will continue to solicit donations/contributions until targets have been met. Our plans include major fundraising events in the fall of 2022 and spring of 2023.

Your role

As parents, community members and alternative education supporters, we hope you choose to support Freedom of Choice Student Center Homeschool because we are establishing a reputation as the premier place to prepare for the future – in the community, at work and at play.  Join us to help build the next 50 years of excellence: Together, we can make this project a reality and be proud to leave a legacy for future generations.

We're not just creating another alternative education program; we are building a community.  If you have the interest, energy and desire to be a part of this amazing opportunity for our children’s future, please contribute to our fundraiser today.

Yours truly,

Dan Granite, M.A. Ed

Director, Freedom of Choice Student Center Homeschool



Freedom of Choice Student Center Homeschool is a non-profit organization.

Federal Tax ID: 87-3285521

When making your donation, please indicate what specifically your donation is intended to go towards, i.e., sponsoring a classroom, sponsoring a child’s tuition, etc.

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