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We're raising money to host our annual convention SpoCon! We're a nonprofit dedicated to promoting literacy, education and imagination through visual and performing arts, literature, science, and gaming at SpoCon 2018.

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More Info

The Beginning: SpoCon was founded in 2008 by a group of friends who had been attending science fiction and fantasy conventions for decades. It was clear that Spokane Washington needed a convention--but to what end? They wanted to create a convention but also to give back to their local community: and thus, SpoCon was born. The first few SpoCon conventions were held across Gonzaga University and finally SpoCon called the Downtown Hilton DoubleTree hotel home.

Now: SpoCon is run by an all volunteer convention committee. We hold meetings once a month (two and four times a month as the convention draws nearer) at various libraries across Spokane. Together we develop programming and the theme for the year's convention, gather donations, volunteers, and shape the upcoming convention. The ultimate goal of SpoCon is to hold an educational convention that fuses literature, science, gaming, costuming--and more!--into something that gets everyone excited about learning, and lets people engage in new and interesting ways. The hope is always that, at the end of the convention, after the bills are paid--we have money left over to buy books and donate them back to local Spokane schools in need.

What Happens At SpoCon

During our annual convention: we promote literacy and education through programming panels focused on science, writing, gaming, costuming and much more. Each panel allows the attendees interactions with the speakers, to ask questions and gain knowledge that may not be accessible outside of a classroom setting. It's a unique opportunity for Spokane (and beyond!) residents to attend, play games, learn about cutting edge science topics or hear from their favorite authors about writing. Every panel is designed to educate about some aspect of life.

At the end of our annual convention: we use profits to purchase and donate books back to local Spokane schools. For the past ten years, through various conventions, we've donated to numerous schools in the Spokane area including:

2017 convention: East Valley High School

2015 convention: Centennial Middle SchoolWest Valley High School and West Valley School District #363.

2010 convention: West Valley High School

The Perks

Please note: Each donation is very specific for the perk you receive. The rewards do not stack; if you donate $50, you're donating $50 and you do not receive the $30 level perk.

If you want to donate $50 and get a coffee mug: choose the $25 donation level and add $25 to your donation on the next page.

Photos were provided from our Facebook page and from SpoCon - Photography [or Video, as the case may be] by Stan Drennan / 29k Productions, LLC www.29kProductions.com. © 2017.

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