Spare Dollar Experiment

Spare Dollar Experiment

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This is an experiment to see if I can collect $1 from 55.6K people, to assist me in paying off my student loan balance (more details below).

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What if I could collect one dollar from 55,600 people?

For a while, I've entertained the concept of what it would be like to receive $1 each from a multitude of people. I was discussing this with some coworkers about using this idea to help me pay off my student loans.

Here I am deciding to try out this experiment, whilst hopefully moving myself closer to being debt free. 

All I am asking for is a donation of $1. You can certainly give more, if you're inclined to, but that's not necessary (none of this is)

 The screenshot of my student loan balance was taken on October 3rd, 2019. Some info is blotted out for privacy reasons. Any excess proceeds will be donated to pay the generosity forward either to charity or someone else who could use the funds. I'll do my best to remain transparent about where everything is going.

And it should go without saying that, as this campaign goes, I will continue to make my own payments toward the account. 

Should you decide to contribute to this cause, I really do appreciate it. Immensely!!!

If you can't do anything, yourself, would you consider spreading the word? 

Messages are encouraged, if you have any questions or concerns.

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Administration from San Diego Christian College. 

More info about me: I'm a mom of two girls and one adorable fluff boy pup, residing in the Seattle, Washington area, and I work full time.

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