Sophie's Battle for a Happy Life

Sophie's Battle for a Happy Life

From Joseph Lehre

I'm raising money for medical bills and continued medication for my puppy Sophie. Any donations will go to the continued care of her in her battle against Episodic Falling Syndrome.

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Sophie's Battle for a Happy Life

Diagnosed with Episodic Falling Syndrome

Need Help with Medical Bills

Sophie, One in A Million+

Thank you for giving some of your time to learn about Sophie's story. Ever since Sophie came into this world as the cutest bundle of joy, she has been a loving pup. Pictures of her watching her favorite movie (Lady and the Tramp) with a shaved head from neurological testing,  also prove that she has been awesomely strong. She has good days where we can momentarily forget that she battles with such a debilitating disease, and then she has bad days where I find myself wondering why such a beautiful and caring creature has to deal with such a hard life. Without the knowledge that she could have a fairly normal life with the right medication, we would not be able to deal with the guilt that we have on those bad days. Throughout all of it, however, Sophie remains constantly focused on sharing all the love she receives. When I worry about the bills or the pandemic, I just have to look at her for inspiration.

The Diagnosis

Sophie has been tentatively diagnosed with a rare disease called episodic falling syndrome (EFS) which causes her to lose all motor skills and to have seizure-like symptoms. EFS is a paroxysmal hypertonicity disorder found in a very low percentage of Cavalier King Charles spaniels. EFS is not a muscular condition rather it is due to a single recessive gene associated with brain function, a mutation of the BCAN gene, which is found only in cavaliers. The episodes can be triggered by anxiety from exciting situations that she may encounter and even by trying to use the restroom. After spending thousands of dollars to see what Sophie was dealing with, we were told by the vet and specialists that she could possibly live a semi-normal life with the right medication. This medication which includes Clonazepam, Keppra, Phenobarbital, etc. now costs close to $500 dollars a month!

Our Need for Sophie's Future

We are asking anyone, who is able, to help us pay off the veterinary bills that have been piling up as well as the cost for medication. Your thoughts and  prayers for Sophie's health are also equally appreciated! We cannot stress how thankful for the great vets and specialists who have helped us care for Sophie. She did not ask for this battle but she is striving through it! If she could, I know she would give you thousands of pup kisses just for reading her story.

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Video links here: Video 1( Sophie's EFS spasm), Video 2, Video 3

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