Sonogram for Refugee Mothers in Bangladesh

Sonogram for Refugee Mothers in Bangladesh

From Rachel Wang

In Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh is a small hospital with 5 employees who are dedicated to helping mostly Rohingya women (around 48 patients a day with 3 rooms) who require maternity care. Help! They are in need of a sonogram.

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The Backstory

My name is Sarika Kapadia and I am 16 years old. I am working with my friend Rachel Wang in this fundraiser. As a woman in the U.S., I have only now realized how privileged I am to be treated, educated, and respected. After learning about the Rohingya refugees and how miserable and neglected many women are, I have made it my mission to enact even a small amount of change and I need your help.

The Problem

In Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh lies the biggest and most dire refugee crisis. In camp 17, a small  (and inadequate) hospital posted with one doctor, one paramedic, one nurse, a health manager, and a security guard. This hospital is dedicated to helping mainly women, though they help plenty of others because women are usually discriminated against, the victims of abuse or violence, or are malnourished due to constant care for their family. This small 3 room hospital sees roughly 48 patients a day, many of them being women who require maternity care. Unfortunately, they do not have nearly as many resources as John’s Hopkins or any hospital that you most likely have access to. 

Due to the corrupt government and their prejudice against the Rohingya refugees, they purposely hide COVID-19 cases inside the refugee camp. As a result, these already malnourished refugees are being neglected and forgotten. Doctors and health officials are currently risking their lives helping these refugees, so I thought the least I could do is help them get some supplies. 

How You Can Help

All I want to give them is a sonogram machine, which costs roughly 3 Lakh in local currency (roughly $4k USD). A sonogram machine would help women to have a better understanding of their situation and possible birth defects in their baby--which are unfortunately common due to poor health conditions. 

All I humbly ask, as a student, a woman, and a privileged person who wants to see these women’s lives improved in some small way, is that if you are in the financial position to donate, please do

Any other donations are welcome to help fund equipment needs. If you are unable to donate, please help to share this cause with your friends and family!


A sonogram machine has its obvious perks, but they are expensive and hard to attain.

Hopefully, the hospital will have access to better equipment in the future and have the opportunity to expand so they can help more refugees. More staff is hard to come by, but treating roughly 48 patients a day is harder.

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