its a miracle my son crawled out the smashed car alive

its a miracle my son crawled out the smashed car alive

From Rosa Lim

I have created this fundraising to help my son and I not loose our roof over our heads, he was on a horrible 3 car accident , hes only source of income was food delivery , car is totaled.

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On December 12/16/2020 my son was in a horrible 3 car collision, the guy that caused the collision had stolen a SUV while being drunk,  My son was coming from working food delivery on 3rd and waterman in san Bernardino California. 

He and two other drivers were at the red light waiting for it to turn green when suddenly he heard continued honking as if someone was in a hurry, he looked on his rear view mirror and in a blink of an eye he saw headlights getting bigger coming towards him, it all happened very fast, next thing he knows his head felt  swollen like a balloon ,  he  had severe ringing that was soo loud it felt like strong wind  was hitting his left ear, and he was in shock , both of the  airbags had been activated by the severe impact on his left drivers side and he was confused, he felt like a bomb had exploted, there was windshield broken glass everywhere, his face felt numb his left side of his body also felt numb , he saw his hands bloody due to the glass injuries, he heard a  huge commotion and people screaming, he hurried to get out of the car, he was unable to open the his drivers door as it was smashed in, so he  crawled out of the car the best he could, he was in severe shock and knew some one had died, when he called me he was out of it due to the impact, i cant help but cry remembering when i got that call i feared , he was having a hard time talking but reassured me he was alive and all would be ok that some one had died and it was not his fault. that he was told by the police to wait until the paramedics came to examine him and after everything calmed down, him , the other driver and the guy that caused the collision were there almost 2 hours,  the third driver was taken out of the smaller car because the driver was smashed in, and they had to get her out, she was taken to the hospital in a gurney she did not walk out nor survived the impact, when he came home he said, The police arrested the thief/ drunk driver, my sons car is totaled, we could not afford uninsured motorist coverage , and the police said that we cant sue the guy or get him for the car or lost wages, son did not have any broken bones , only his strong whiplash, paramedics told him not to do anything for 2 days and not to sleep, due to the cov situation he was not taken to er, hes injuries were not severe, hes face still blue on the left side , hes been resting recovering and i been massaging his neck and back due to the pain, the money will help us with our expenses, he has not received any unemployment all this time, they are not responding,  no stimulus money yet, If you could spare any money, even if its a dollar, or ten that would be amazing, if you cannot would you please share this with anyone who is looking to help someone in need , This year has been tragic for all of us, please be safe out there and take care of your self and your loved ones, thank you so much for your donation

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