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With the increase in power consumption across the globe, there rsquo;s a need to increase power output to meet the demand of this commodity and fit in our new and growing system. Without a doubt, the increase of the same as its limitations and one of the worst is the carbon emissions. And as far as solar energy is concerned, this article will explore clean energy, which is solar energy vs Carbon dioxide emission.

 Solar energy reduces your energy/power bills in various organizations and their environmental impacts on the surrounding. Each megawatt per hour from a solar array displaces grid power which could have come from natural gas, coal or even nuclear. Considering the f that solar panels can last for more than 20 years, avoided or reduced Carbon dioxide emissions are vital. Over the years, solar powered devices have only grown. You may have noticed that many people in your area are switching to solar street lights to replace old street lights, or replacing in technical rooms...the shed, etc. Even local governments and stadium management teams are switching to solar lights.

It would be wrong to say that solar energy has zero-emission since some PV modules and various other materials are customized from materials mined and processed with CO2. There is also the aspect of an environmental footprint when the materials and equipment are delivered to the project square/site and during the whole construction stages. However, when all these factors are considered, the general lifetime emission from a solar power plant is much less than that produced by artificial or fossil fuels.

The US-based NREL or the National Renewable/Clean Energy Laboratory estimated that solar arrays have a lifetime CO2 emissions of approximately 59g CO2, equivalent to each kilowatt per hour.  Another study published on clean and natural energy was also more optimistic with the given emission values of 20 g CO2 eq/kWh. And for comparison purposes, many fossil power plants produce a total of 1000g of CO2 eq/kWh and even the ones with modern cleaning technology attribute to 700 g CO2 eq/kWh. On the other hand, natural gas produces less harmful or polluting gases with emission values above 350 g CO2 eq/kWh, but still 15 times higher than the NREL for solar power.

We need solar energy, as it has a way to reduce the overall pollution and the emission of harmful gases to the environment. And it has no limit on production. And yes, solar panels are expensive, but if you have a technical background in electricity, you are free to make them. Do not worry about maintenance, these solar panels are perfectly cleaned from dirt and also served as protection from hail. All in all, the list of solar-powered devices could go on forever. Where we as responsible citizens let us contribute to the development of solar energy.

Who better than us, the inhabitants of this planet, to solve global issues!

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