Solar Greenhouse Project

Solar Greenhouse Project

From Frank Urban

I am raising funds for a solar greenhouse/small farm. I am a military disabled Veteran who seeks to bring forth a self-sufficient Solar farm Project that will eventually be put forth in a self-published how to book.

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The point is to setup a small farm with greenhouses and buildings powered by solar power to make as small of a carbon footprint as possible. the initial buildings will be a 3 Bedroom house, 3 -20 by 60 steel buildings with attached 12 foot by 60 foot greenhouses, 3 back up generators and a 100,000 watt solar array. Honestly this is a creative experiment. The main Costs will be the land and the solar panels. As a do it myself project, I will keep notes and eventually write a how to book as I setup buildings and build other projects.

I will be setting up three buildings with shipping containers and a cover from Future buildings. and a greenhouse connected to one end on each building.

I am a 100% Disabled Marine Corps Veteran who is also a single dad raising his children by himself and this will help me going forward and I will be able with the book to help others.

The Solar Array will cost about 80,000 for the panels and  other equipment that is by far the biggest expense. The other expense will be the concrete footings and pads.

The Land will be a small 40 acre parcel that will be used as a small farm. The Greenhouses will utilize hydroponics. Additionally I will be utilizing 20 acres for Bamboo to reduce the carbon footprint and adding an infinite renewable resource as in harvested bamboo. Bamboo once established is a never ending supply of Bamboo. Bamboo takes 4-5 years to mature and the plan is to plant 4 acres of bamboo per year over the next 5 years so that at the last year, bamboo from the first planting will be harvested. As Bamboo is a perennial, it will send up new shoots in each 4 acre parcel, unlike trees because once trees are cut down, you have to replant with a new tree which takes up to 8 years to fully mature.. Additional proponent, a 4 acre stand of bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than  an equal stand of trees. Bamboo stands also take in more carbon than trees. I will still have Tree orchards but they will be dedicated to fruits and nuts.

The Bamboo stand is also a research project.. I want to see if they would be a viable oxygen producer for space voyages and for a future mars colony.....

All will be detailed in a book 

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