Social Experiment on becoming a Millionaire

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We all dream about having a life changing experience. 


 the lottery. We all think maybe, just maybe, I can win and everything will be different. But we rarely think we can actually 


that experience with a lot less luck involved. This project is based on that notion, how far can a message spread and give an individual that lifelong experience. Could I possibly raise $1,000,000.00 through the curiosity and generosity of one million people around the world? The risk involved is a single dollar, not a penny more and you've done your part to change someone's life forever. Now, you're probably wondering: "What do you intend to do with this money if you raise it?" First and foremost, It will be used to open up avenues for me to create new projects that I've dreamt of doing all of my life. Start a podcast that will serve as a medium for travel, food, comedy and all around life experience. Opening a restaurant, and generally  returning the favor as any of us would try: Really enjoying life and giving back where ever I could. 

Why don't you join the project and see if we can make something special happen together. 

Worst comes to worst, you're down a dollar

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