Social Experiment of the Century - 1 milion $ to someone!

Social Experiment of the Century - 1 milion $ to someone!

From Goran Kliska

Let us fundraise 1.000.000$ and give it to someone who lived poorly or as a lower middle class and by doing that we shall finally see does a money really influense persons happines and in what percentage.

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One of the biggest questions ever is does a money really make someone truly happy or not. What is really important and necessary to happiness and how much impact does money have. We all taught about being rich and wealthy and how money would make everything just perfect. But we also know many people who have money but are not that perfectly happy, or maybe not even at all.

So, with new era, with all this technology and possibilities we can all finally unite and see for ourselves how money impacts a person, how does it influence happiness and should we really aim for the money in the live as one of the must haves.

Person who will be given 1.000.000$ will provide weekly and monthly reports, sometimes even daily, as in what changed, what is different and what does that persons soul feel now. Are they more happy, more satisfied, more calm, more at peace in live, or maybe just the opposite. All who participate will have access to all of the reports and comparisons so after one year we will all know the final, precise answer to wealth and money questions.

Let us find out and finally be in peace with ourselves and our lives!

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