SOAR Wildlife Center

SOAR Wildlife Center

From Tiffany Morey

SOAR Wildlife Center (Southern Oregon Animal Rehabilitation) is in need of donations to prepare its clinic, outside enclosures and obtain medical supplies for wildlife baby season coming this Spring.

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SOAR Wildlife Center website:, was started by Tiffany L Morey and Kendra Romero.  Prior to qualifying for their permit, Kendra worked at Wildlife Images in Animal Care as a supervisor.  Kendra now works full-time for Southern Oregon Veterinarian Clinic and assists with surgeries at Bliss Animal Eye Care.  Kendra is one of the top clinicians for raptors and birds. Tiffany volunteered thousands of hours at Wildlife Images and other educational facilities in order to gain the knowledge needed to work with fawns. Tiffany and Kendra are dedicated to opening a local wildlife rehab in Jackson County, since one of the only wildlife rehabs is currently Wildlife Images which is over an hour away. Being a wildlife rehabilitator is a volunteer position. SOAR Wildlife Centers sole mission is to wildlife rehabilitation to include the rehab of wild animals who become orphaned or are injured. Mammals such as fluffy fox kits, tiny raccoon cubs, soft gray squirrels, skunk kits, or teeny protected golden-mantel chipmunks are coming into SOAR for much needed care and rehabilitation. In order to operate the clinic to care for the wild animals, SOAR is in need of donations. Supplies such as: enclosures, various medical supplies, incubators, metal caging, formula, heating blankets, enrichment tools, kennels, plus other various wildlife rehabilitation supplies are needed in order for SOAR Wildlife Center needs to be prepared for the baby season coming this Spring. Tiffany and Kendra volunteer their time, clinic, plus outside areas and enclosures for this needed endeavor. They both look forward to taking in mammals and caring for them until they are healthy and ready to be released back into our beautiful wild nature, but SOAR needs donations of all kinds to sustain the numbers of wild animals that will be entering the facility. A wild animal that comes into The SOAR Wildlife Center can stay up to 180 days (per ODFW) and can cost upwards of $500+/per animal just for formula, animal kibble, vaccinations, medications and veterinarian care of injuries.  Thank you for taking the time to find out about SOAR Wildlife Center and thank you for your generous donation. If you are unable to make a monetary donation SOAR Wildlife Center is also in need of the following: chain link fencing, kennels, heating blankets (without timers) formula (KMR, Esbilac, Nurse All), medical supplies, fleece blankets all sizes, rags, 1,3,5,10,30,60 ml syringes, needles all sizes, lactated ringers solution, chlorhexidine 2%, hand sanitizer, animal antibiotics, pro-biotics, vitamin B, colostrum, shock effect, liquid animal multi-vitamin, strongid and advantage (tick/flea control) latex rubber gloves, paper towels, bleach, bank of cages, all types and sizes of cages (metal are the best because they can be disinfected), water bottles for cages, aluminum feeding bowls, dawn dish soap, raw whole peanuts, raw cashews, rat eating block, squirrel mixed feed, deer feed block, fresh oak leaves on branch in spring/summer, fresh madrone leaves on branch in spring/summer, 5 gallon + larger buckets for water, 50lb bags sweet cob feed, squirrel dried corn on the cob, fresh vegetables in the spring/summer to include: green,red,yellow bell peppers, kale, mushrooms, grapes, celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, raspberries, blueberries, fruit tree branches, wood box approx. size 6X6X6 with an open bottom and hole approx. size 3 inches, in the front for squirrels, plus any other animal related products. Thank you so much for taking the time to care about the wild animals in our area!

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