Smart TV App: Quick Guide on Cost and Development

Smart TV App: Quick Guide on Cost and Development

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Fewer and fewer people watch TV as a familiar household device from childhood, but the number of online services with popular TV channels is only growing. All of them work not only on smartphones, but also on media players, set-top boxes, and Smart TVs. The technology has opened up new opportunities for fans of comfortable home entertainment. That’s why it is the topic of this article. We will talk about smart TV apps, their development costs, and how to create your own smart TV app.

What is Smart TV and how does the technology work?

The Internet is rapidly penetrating into our lives: here we communicate with friends, learn the news, watch movies, videos, shows, and even read. All this is more convenient and pleasant to do on the big screen. To solve this problem Smart TV apps were developed, allowing you to complement the standard functions of the TV features inherent in the gadgets and PC. There are several options to turn your TV into a full-fledged entertainment channel:

  • Buy a Smart TV set-top box and connect it to the TV;

  • Buy a TV with integrated Smart TV functionality.

  •  Crystal UHD TV Samsung UE55TU8500UXRU

  • Smartphone in a TV

The latter option is more convenient, and that is what this article will talk about.

So, the main condition for a smart TV app is to get extra functions through the Internet. There are several options for arranging access to the network.

Smart TV capabilities are determined primarily by the operating system on which it is based. The most popular are WebOS, Android, Tizen, Firefox, and iOS. The differences between them for the average user are as follows:

  • The number and nature of applications available for installation;

  • the speed of the system;

  • interface and other visual parameters.

 Smart TV app is usually controlled using the remote control. It may be separate if it is a set-top box or a TV - with integrated buttons for navigation within the service. Modern TV apps also include voice and gesture control. In addition, many manufacturers have developed special applications for smartphones that turn the latter into a full-fledged remote control with advanced capabilities.

Smart TV app can offer the user features not available for conventional TVs:

  • Internet access. You can watch shows, series, and movies in online movie theaters. 

  • Video streaming apps that may have streaming and recording functions.

  • Access to social networks. Special smart TV apps provide this feature as well.

  • Some smart TV apps successfully replace game consoles. People may download them from application stores.

  • Ability to find out the weather forecast, the latest news, currency exchange rates, and even order a pizza, and many other features that make our life easier.

  • Smart TV app makes viewing photos and videos from external devices easier and more convenient: special applications allow you to create catalogs, albums and even help to make your own screensaver from your favorite photos.

How do I develop a smart TV app and how much does it cost?

Creating a smart TV app is best started by enlisting the support of a development company that already has experience in this niche. In particular, working with a good smart TV app development company you will be offered the following turnkey services.

Analysis. Smart TV app development experts evaluate your idea and provide you with a development plan for your smart TV app, taking into account all your needs and budget.

Design. Design specialists and system architects work on the look and logic of your smart TV app.

Development. Engineers write the code for the app and test it.

Post-release support. Specialists make sure the app works as it should.

The cost of smart TV app development can vary depending on your needs and functionality. However, in general, the development cost of smart TV apps ranges from $20,000 to $50,000.


For many people, the TV is no longer just a talking screen: modern users use the device to watch TV shows and movies, search for news, and as a gaming console. Manufacturers take these needs into account, so every year there are more and more models with the Smart TV option. It's time for you to become part of this market. Just contact Perfsol and we'll build your smart TV app together.

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