Small business owner lost almost everything

Small business owner lost almost everything

From Robert Orcholski

I lost my cleaning business , my house , my viechles and ran out of cash helping my employees during this virus thing. My dog has an eye ulcer that's going to cost $1,500 and I can't even afford to get her dog food .

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My name is Robert Orcholski. 5 years ago I sold alot of my belongings including my only car to start a cleaning business.  I do pressure washing  , windows  , gutters  , tile and grout , marble and hard wood floor steam cleanings  , chimney sweeps  , &  dryer vents . It's had it's ups and downs but it has been the best adventure I have decided to take a risk on. I'm originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Owning a business was something I dreamt of but didn't know if it would be possible for me to actually have. I was homeless from 12 yrs old to 14 yrs old . Ended up going to juvinile prison at 14 yrs for 2 yrs. When released I ended up going to adult prison for another 2 yrs. Was a lost angry soul with no direction or purpose. When released before my 20th bday I had 4 adult felonies gun charges .**** But I started to begin to have ambition to win in life . **** It's obviously not a secret that having felonies restricts jobs you can get , and most people don't know this , but even where you can live. I always had a job telemarketing.  Became the best in my company . Always wanted to be the best at what I did . But wanted more . I kept trying but unfortunately due to the labels put on my name it made it hard . I never gave up but I also didn't grow up all the way . At 26 yrs old , I told myself that I either have to become a good person 100% and keep trying to succeed so when or if the chance and opportunity comes I'll be ready. Otherwise I'll be stuck in a dead end small paying job or end up back in jail. At 30 yrs old I took a chance ! I saved up $8,000 sold all my expensive belongings , and started a cleaning business . And it ended up working . In the summer I worked the suburbs of Illinois or Minnesota and winter months I realized how easy it was to drum up work so I'd go to Dallas Texas or Florida. I had a office with 7 employees and a helper with me . ****  Been the best 5 yrs of my life . ***** Until this last 2 months. Work slowed so fast and hit a dead stop . I just had upgraded & financed new van and equipment. Invested alot into advertising , was actually taken advantage of.  Tried helping employees pay bills along with my own . Because of this virus , I've had van and equipment taken back , depleted my savings , ended up losing the home I just put money down on . And now I'm renting a room from a friend and can't even afford rent . My dog which is like my daughter has an ulcer on her eye and I can't even afford to get her into an animal eye doctor . Life has totally taken a hit on me . I messed up my first two yrs with taxes and it's my own fault but that's what's really screwing me . Banks won't help me obviously. So I don't know what else to do . I've lost everything . Around $100,000.00 in 2 months. So I'm on here hoping to find anyone who can help me with anything . If not get my business back , but at least help with pet surgery for $1,500.00 and me with cash for food and hygiene until this thing blows over. Thank you .

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