SlipStreaming Hyperloop

SlipStreaming Hyperloop

From Andrew Mac Gregor

The first, The fastest hyperloop transportation system that is achievable without the crazy systems virgin and TT are trying to use. Safe, Fast, and Convenient. tech that is possible now not in 50 years time

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What Is SlipStreaming? slipstreaming is a carbon-neutral hyperloop transportation system that will provide the world's fastest transportation system with your safety and convenience placed first at a price everyone can afford and that can be built in your lifetime.

Why Slipstreaming? slipstreaming is based for the most part on technology we have at our fingertips. slipstreaming is designed to be carbon neutral. slipstreaming with the funding could be up and running in years not the 5 decades other hyperloop systems are promising. slipstreaming does not have to overcome the horrendous problems faced by hyperloop systems trying to run pods in vacuum tubes. 

Slipstreaming requires massively reduced investment as the research & development for the slipstreaming hyperloop infrastructure has already been spent. your investment will in turn return its potential investment in a realistic time scale as opposed to the bottomless pits offered by other systems.

Slipstreaming hyperloop if focused on safety first. the convenience the system would offer is a step above any other mass transport system at speeds that will not be matched in the foreseeable future. slipstreaming is a carbon-neutral system utilizing its entire length to produce all the energy it requires.

Slipstreaming travel pods are in one of two standards. one is the general travel mode used by all of the general public this being the luxury pod with spacious room comfortable seating restroom ample baggage room and personal entertainment devices for each passenger. the pods have side LCDs to provide a scenic distraction for the duration of the travel time. each pod is remotely monitored for the security and safety of its passengers as well as physical alarm and assist buttons for passengers. the second is private pods these are configured to the customer's requirements and needs and are only confined by weight limits for pods. pods are remotely controlled and will be available at any location the customer requires and books for. 

Slipstreaming systems will be constructed with reusability as the guiding norm. every system needs to be reusable or 100% recyclable and have been designed with maximime life useability in mind to reduce costs and impact on the environment.

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