Slanca Rescue and home an abused cat

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Slanca Rescue and home an abused cat

From Pat Hinton

The Town of Shelburne has served the Rescue an order to cease and desist as of this date leaving 30+ cats without a place to live as well as no services to help the cats.

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This Chinese new year ive been spending time in the anhui provence, while browsing a street markets I found a bird pet shop closed for the new year events. As I walked past this tiny young cat screamed at me. In a very small rusty metal cage, no bedding, no litter and NO food or water! I immediately offered up a small amount of food I had on me and the cat was clearly starved. The problem with this time of year is a lot of shops and stores would be closed for a week. I literallt had a small breakdown there and then over this precious abandoned kitty.

A pet shop across the street offered a small bag of food to give to the animal. Initially I thought it was a girl but turned out to be a little gentlemen! He was SUPER thankful and loving, providing a lot of head bumps and letting me scratch his chin as much as I could through the bars! 

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