Phoenixed: Avalon's Fire

Phoenixed: Avalon's Fire

From Floyd Dalton

45% of Sissy's body is covered in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd degree burns that require multiple expensive surgeries, and possible amputation.

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     On February 16th 2013, Sissy and her family suffered great tragedy as their home caught fire in the early hours of the morning. Sissy's humans got out of the home safely and quickly along with the dog, but Sissy and her brother Buschka were still trapped inside somewhere. While the firefighters battled the flames, they found Sissy and her brother and brought them out of the house. Buschka took off after he was brought outside and ran to his family, but Sissy on the other hand, collapsed onto the ground. Sissy's family rushed her to the vet to make sure everything was okay. She received multiple X-rays and the vet said there was no signs of smoke inhalation yet. The vet did however want the poor kitty to be put under 24 hour watch and her breathing monitored. at this moment, on the outside, Sissy appeared to be healthy. She was taken to the Olde Towne Pet Resort for boarding and monitoring. While she was there, her 20 year old mother gave her a bath and Sissy's hair started to come out and the first burns were discovered on her left side. Sissy was burned in the house but not from flames, but from leaning against something very hot.

     The next day, Sissy's breathing became labored and she became very lethargic. She was taken to the emergency vet where they said her blood pressure was extremely low and her lungs were showing severe asthmatic symptoms. They kept her overnight and started her on some pain medications and steroids. and kept her on oxygen. She was sent home when her blood pressure returned closer to normal. When we got to the resort, we discovered more of her skin peeling up and exposing the burns and blisters underneath. Over the next two weeks we continued to discover more burns until they covered majority of her left side, essentially establishing she had one very large continuous burn. During this time, she was getting saline soaks and burn cream applied, she continued to visit the vet and she was put on a high calorie and protein diet. She was being force fed the food and water as she continued to refuse to eat on her own free will.

     During this time she started to become congested and was having a hard time swallowing food. We were told she might possibly catch pneumonia and that would have been it. After much hard work and research, we then brought in a humidifier to put in the crate that Sissy was staying in to help with her congestion and keep her burns moist for proper healing. During one vet visit we were told she was going to need a feeding tube and Debridement. She was also prescribed appetite stimulants while we made our decision on what to do next. When she got back to the resort, she was given an appetite stimulant and almost immediately started eating on her own again. We continued to do a soak with saline solution 3-4 times a day along with applying silver cream.

     The day after she seemed like her old self again. She was trying to move around, and she started purring. We thought she was turning around. We continued cleaning her and her dead tissue kept peeling up. When the tissue would peel up, we would clean the puss out and soak the wounds. We continued to do this for about another week and a half and she seemed better. Sissy developed a sore on her foot from chewing and licking because she was so itchy and could not reach her wounds because of the E-Collar. We asked the Director of Pet Care at the Resort for his opinion and he told us we needed to start the debridement process now because she had pockets of infection forming under her burns.

     On 3-19-13, she was taken in and put under for the debridement surgery. They removed about half of the dead tissue, the rest wasn’t ready to come up yet. She was also put on new antibiotics. They did a full body wrap to cover the exposed tissue and they told us there was an 80-90% chance she might have to have her left hind leg amputated, and then we were told to bring her back in two days, the 21st. She was brought back to the boarding facility and kept there for healing.

     Overnight on the 20th and the morning of the 21st, Sissy began vomiting. When she made her return visit on the 21st of March to check out how she was healing after the debridement, The surgeon said she was catatonic and in need of a feeding tube. He also said she was going to need more debridement treatments and he was still not sure on the amputation yet. Sissy was put back under and a feeding tube was inserted. After she was awake enough to be transported, we brought her back to the resort once again. We fed her through the feeding tube and let her settle in for the night. She continued to vomit after each time she was fed and we kept making changes to how much she was being fed in the hopes that she would keep it down. She has been taken off one of the pain meds for now and she kept her food down during the afternoon feeding on 3-22-13. Later in the evening, she vomitted again and through the night and following morning, the 23rd, she continued to vomit. Around 8:00am on 3-23-13, Sissy was taken back to the life center and they said her temperature was dangerously low so they they put her on IV fluids and surrounded her with hot wated bottles, and she is staying at the life center under 24 hour care until her condition changes.

::*Update*:: 3-25-13

     Sissy spent the past two days at what we believe is the kitty equivelent to an ICU. She has been on IV's for fluid and nutrients because of continued vomitting of food. She isn't really keeping anything down. as of this morning when we checked in with the vet, we were told she has now begun vomitting blood. They believe she may have burned her intestines. today we have a sonogram appointment with the surgeon to find out if she will need surgery. there are a few things they are looking for, like kidney failure, lesions, and burns internally. If there is any burns internally she will have to have surgery, but is to weak for anesthesia, so she will have to be loaded on pain meds. we are hoping there aren't any lesions because that could be fatal during surgery. the appointment is at 2:45 pm. we will keep you updated.

                     ::*Update*:: 3-25-13 pt.II

         Today was probably the scariest day so far. We were informed that Sissy had begun to vomit blood and was far weaker then yesterday. They believe the blood was from burns on her intestines that were beginning to heal and the dead tissue was falling off, or that the scarred tissue was blocking her intestines. We were also informed that the surgery needed to fix these problems was not one she could handle.On top of that, the cultures came back on her infection. She has two, one easily treated by the antibiotics she was on, the other is highly resistant. The antibiotics needed to the second infection are very harsh on the intestines. It seemed like we were going to have to make a decision..My family and I met with the vet and Sissy at 2:45 pm. We didn't leave til 5:30. We debated and talked over our options. No one was ready to give up, while we talked we snuggled Sissy and comforted her as best we could around her bandages and IV lines.Finally we decided on a sonogram of her intestines to be sure that the cause of her vomiting was from burns and not something benign. BEST IDEA EVER. It revealed that Sissy was constipated, extremely, and the back up was bad enough to cause her to vomit. So while the vets are trying to remedy that, they are also trying to remove more of the burns using a combination of honey, water, and sugar. This was we can continue to promote healing while we wait for her to be strong enough for another debride.A day full of bad news ended with a positive note, Sissy is still fighting and she's not ready to give up yet! No matter what, we know with everyones support, it will only be a matter of time before she is home again with her brother. 

                                      -Floyd 3-25-13



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