Lupus Warrior Single Mom Wishes To Rebuild Business

Lupus Warrior Single Mom Wishes To Rebuild Business

From Staci Stephens

I am trying to build back my business while battling Lupus as a Single mom of two one with special needs. Wishing to just get a boot to get a little ahead so I can rebuild My empire! When my kids ask, I wish to say YES!

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I am a single Mom of two  wonderful children !  I have a daughter who’s in college and a son and high school with special needs .  I was extremely involved with everything from room nine baseball mom cheer mom , party thrower, etc..  till one week I became extremely fatigued and in severe pain at that time I had already been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but when I woke up with a horrible rash on my face and in my throat and a high fever, it was then  when I was tested and then diagnosed with lupus .   Thereis no cure, although there are medications and treatments out there that do help cope with the disease ,  however I have severe allergies and was allergic to five out of the six medications that we tried ,  and the one  that I didn’t have an allergic reaction to I had a stomach reaction to .  To make a long story short without having able to utilize what little treatment there is out there for lupus I’ve been battled severe flareups for at least 4 to 5 days at a time every single month for three years straight .  My flareups consisted of severe alters on my face in my ears my nose my throat,  I had nerve tremors chronic severe pain and extreme fatigue .  I became extremely depressed and I can live with the pain and the scars and severe pain,  however when I cannot live with is white it did to my family.  There is no way to ever explain how are why even doctors and scientists still don’t even know how Or why,  so how do you explain to your children what’s happening and why .  There is maybe one out of every five actually maybe even say eight people who I’ve had to talk to at the kids schools or whichever,  and have to ask what lupus is .  I had built which took me a long time and lots of hard work a fantastic home-based business due to my sons needs Of needing to be home,  and right  at that point where I got it to be financially comfortable , and debt free,  what is when I got very sick .  I do online consignment and I also do buying and reselling , I either buy out largest state I either buy out largest estates or collections of Variety of things from Watch parts to vintage costume jewelry to Doll collections to office supplies and so on.     I used to go to auctions,  estate sales, storage wars,  and was able to keep up having an inventory .  Well as you can imagine in the three years I was unable to and have pretty much depleted everything I had plus my savings and have even had to frantically so personal family items.  I became severely depressed and was at a very low ,  and I was sitting on my couch when my son called for me and it wasn’t that I couldn’t get up at that time because of the lupus it was because I was so out of it I didn’t want to .  That was my awakening and I kicked myself in the booty and it was hard and difficult but I dug myself out of my depression ,  and I fight very hard through the flareups .  So enough with all of the sad part I am now and I guess they call stages of a remission per say.  For that three years my daughter was a  I feel like I missed my daughters entire high school years,  I could barely make it to any of her cheer events , etc...  and now she’s a freshman at the University of Illinois and a double major !  I am not one to ask for help this is extremely hard for me and I  i’m not expecting a free ride out of this fundraiser , Or even expecting to get debt-free and ahead, The debt-free and financially ahead that’s my job but I just need a boost does somehow get the means to do that for me and my family.   And if I can just get restarted here I will store again and then I will be able to pay it forward !  I have attached some pictures of what this disease has done to me,  they’re pretty graphic and gory  so my apologies in advance ,  there’s just not any other way to explain it but to visualize .  I want to think anyone who’s taking the time to read my story and even if you can’t make a donation just saying a prayer and making a wish makes a big difference !  For every donation received you will receive a picture or an update of exactly what your donation went towards and how it helped us with many thank you’s along with it !   I have preferred to stay off the social media  do you to a go fund me page that was posted on our behalf and my children were ridiculed and made fun of.   And even though they would say to me we don’t care man this is not your fault I do not want to have them go through that again .  So I am reaching out to my friends and  my buyers and clients through email,  please feel free to pass it on as long as it’s through email and not posted on Facebook or Twitter etc. ,  there are no expectations to pass it on it’s only if you’re comfortable !   I posted some images and lupus facts above in my photos  for those who are not quite sure what lupus is so you know why this fundraiser is wished for!  I will post updates probably not daily at least weekly as I will be very busy building my business back up !  We hope you have a spectacular day ! 

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