Single Mom who faught her way out of homelessness & beat a heroin addiction & got her life & her kids back!! But the struggle is still very real doin it all alone..

Single Mom who faught her way out of homelessness & beat a heroin addiction & got her life & her kids back!! But the struggle is still very real doin it all alone..

From Mary Chesley

I turned my whole life around, been making right choices, and being the best Mom I can be! I work full-time but still not enough to provide a life for us. Help paying off my eviction & buying a car would make HUGE impact

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Hello, my name is Mary. I am a single mother of two young miracles! Its gonna he hard to make my story short, I will have to skip alot. I have been a heroin addict sense I was a teenager, but I went to jail at age 23 and had spiritual experience that changed my life forever. After jail I chose to go to a faith-based rehab out of state for an entire year, immediatly after I met a man who quickly became my husband and we were married for 7 year, durring which time I had two amazing children and i was a stay at home mother for 6 yrs. We had one good year then the other 6 was a miserable, lonely, dead marriage. My husband worked 80 hr weeks and I was raising my kids alone. But all together I stayed sober 9 years straight!! After the 7th year I finally asked for a divorce. I left the home with nothing but the clothes on my back and let my ex and my kids keep everything else. I used my half of the equity in our home to get my own apartment just down the road and used my half of the money to re-buy everything for the apartment. All i asked for in the divorce was to be able to keep my car, and child support. The money soon ran out, as i underestimated the expenses of re-furnishing an entire apartment! I was started selling off the items I had just bought, so i could pay my rent, making back less than half what i paid for it all.. and one of the people who came in to look at some books i was sellin, tooked my car keys off the key hook when i wasnt looking and stold my 9 thousand dollar escalade! After the car was gone, my new job had to give away my position after waiting two weeks and still no car had been found. After the job was gone, I was soon evicited. Because of my past with drugs, my family assumed my situation was a result of drug-use.. so they refused to help me in any way, my ex husband never returned my kids back to me on my weeks to have them and he cut off all contact so i couldnt even speak to them. So once i was evicted EVERYTHING i had blown my money on in the apartment was gone as well. I litterally lost EVERYTHING, including my children & family (it felt), my car, and my home, in a matter of a couple weeks. I wasnt couch hopping or even in a shelter (this was in feb 2020 when Covid had just hit) and shelters, public libraries, most the homeless resources were shut down at this time. So i slept outside on the sidewalk down town with all the other homeless people.. in the worst parts of Salt Lake City. I was surrounded by drugs at this point, i had lost everything, I saw no hope at the time, so i finally gave in and relapsed and started using drugs again.. mainly to help forget about the pain of my entire situation. I made sure to stay good and numb and high for an entire year straight cause any time the high wore off, I would think about by children, I even tried to call them the few times I got access to a phone but they wouldnt allow me to speak to them or wish them happy birthday.. tell them mama loves them and will be back to them eventually. So it was all just to painful to even focus on. So I stopped trying to call and I just stayed high, to get thru the cold, the heat, the hunger, the saddness and regret. The drug was like my cure for everything. Until i had an overdose right there on the street and nearly died, litterally had to be revived! Then just four days later I got so ill I was carried into a hospital and they told me I had gotten endocarditus (an staff infection right on my heart) that had spread to my lungs (pulmanari embolism) which had then spread to my blood (sepsus). They didnt expect me to live. They called my parents to come say good bye, i got to speak on the phone with my kids finally before going in to a surgery I was likely not gonna live through. They had me make a Will, gave us hospus pamphlets.. It was using needles without wiping  my skin with alcohol wipes before injecting that led to this horribley painful condition. So I had emergency open heart surgery to save my life! And i have the 8 inch scar to prove it, it serves as a reminder every time i look into the mirror.. a reminder of what drugs can and will do to me if i ever screw up again.. only next time they said no surgeon in the world would fix it a second time if it got infected again due to drugs. I have been sober ever sense that day that i was carried in to the hospital! (About a year and a half now!!) After the hospital i did 4 months of inpatient rehab, moved back home with my parents, got a full time job working for PlayStation, got all of my warrants and legal matters taken care of, got a lawyer and faught to get my kids back! I have really worked but BUTT off to get to where I am, not to mention the daily struggle it is just to stay sober. But I keep on going, because of my babies. I live with my parents right now, im now a single mom, my divorce still hasnt been finalized  even after over 2 years because we cant agree on whats fair. So i dont get any child support or any sort of support yet. My parents live far from my kids school so I only have my kids on the weekends. It wont be realistic for me to have my kids half of the time until I live closer to their school. But even with a full time job I only make HALF what my living expenses will be when im on my own, I dont even have a car yet! When my car was found by police they returned it to my ex husband, which he sold secretly and kept all the profits apparently. The main goal is to get a car, and save up enough to get my own place near my kids school so that i can have them half of the time and not just on weekends. So i guess i dont have an exact amount to ask for.. I guess im just trying to find ways to raise extra money here and there. Even little bits at a time, cause every amount helps and starts to add up! I know its hard to give to an admitted drug addict.. but just know that my story im telling you is the absolute truth.. ive made many mistakes, and i dont hide from them.. in fact i try to use my story to help others who are still stuck in homelessness and addictions. I have come a very long way and am lucky to be alive!! But being a single mother is very tough, and any little bit of help is amazing to me and very much appreciated!! 

Thank you so much for listening :)

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