Simon's FTM Surgery/Medical Expenses

Simon's FTM Surgery/Medical Expenses

From Ash Bisson

Help me pay for the doctor's visits proceeding to and the cost of top surgery, as well as to cover the time taken off work afterwards for recovery. Never done this before but any help would be appreciated!

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This is going to be used for exactly what it says; I'm trying to raise money as I could never hope to pay for this on my own and wearing binders is beginning to cause pain and some reformation of a couple ribs- even with a full torso binder and not a half that digs in that area specifically. 

As a break down of exactly what would be happening with the money, it will be allocated to: 

  • Endocronologist visits for continuing hrt and obtaining a letter
  • Therapist visits to get another letter
  • Consultation with surgeon
  • Surgery
  • Hospital and medication costs
  • Lost wages from work during recovery period

Insurance will help with some of this, but let's be real this is the American healthcare system and those running it would like to see trans people burn and die rather than give us any sort of real help in the matter, like most people that actually NEED healthcare on the regular. 

This funding page was up for a while without any attempts to gain it traction, but due to the recent pain and noticed problems with my ribs I'd like to try and get the ball actually rolling on this rather than keep leaving it to the eventual future because it's weird asking people for money.

Since a couple steps here are required to get to the end, I don't know the exact costs after what little help insurance will give, this is figuring it covers nothing but what I already know it does for the Endo. Should there be more donated here than is actually required in the end, I would like to redistribute it to other trans looking for help.

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