Should I give Raw, Kibble, or Canned Food to my Dog? Expert

Should I give Raw, Kibble, or Canned Food to my Dog? Expert

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 Nothing is more important when it comes to a healthy diet for your pet. The health of your pet is as important as yours that is why most pet owners make sure of a healthy diet pattern. There are many options in this modern world that you can avail for the safety of your pet. The expensive way is to get an expert’s opinion or hire a veterinarian that would ultimately suggest a diet pattern for your pet.

However, most people cannot avail this option and rely on magazine articles or posts like these. Remember that you can save yourself from any struggle by finding the best canned dog food as they are healthy too. However, people who love their pets do not adopt this option more often and prefer to use raw or kibble food for their pets and also emotional support dog letter.

Sometimes it is solely at your discretion but dog breed matters the most when it comes to the use of canned food or dry dog food. It is an extensive debate about what you should and should not give to your dog. Just do not overthink it after reading this post you would be pretty much able to decide for yourself.

Dry Food – ‘Kibble’

         It is just one type of dog food that consists of freeze-dried raw materials. Due to its dryness, it is convenient to carry, simple to store, long-shelf-life, and cost-effective. It does not require constant refrigeration, you can carry it while travelling. Your puppy's teeth remain clean due to scraping action when crushed.

         Due to the wide range of brands the quality varies from product to product as either it is made by using the process of extruding or baking. However, extruded food is a perfect barrier against bacteria and pathogens. That is why it has a wide range of nutrition benefits and you can choose whether you want to take high protein kibble or low protein.

Raw Food

         This food mainly includes raw ingredients like vegetables, fruits, bones, and raw meat. Due to its rawness, it is mostly kept unprocessed and a natural process is used to mix the ingredients. However, sometimes it is difficult to find balanced raw food as mostly they are prepared for some specific breeds. If you want to select raw food for your pet then make sure you are a permanent member of any indoor dog park.

Such parks have a wide range of raw foods for pets and may offer you free vegetarian services as well. First, you need to determine which kind of raw food would be best for your pet as it can have some promising results for your puppy. For example, better breath, shiner coat, and cleaner teeth.

Canned Food

         The variety and quantity vary when it comes to using canned food (also known as wet food). Due to its wetness, it has twice the amount of animal fat and protein. If you are thinking of having to keep such a beautiful creature as your pet then you need to make sure that you possess a valid ESA Letter Yes, it is true, you need to contact a licensed psychiatrist who will determine your position before issuing you such a letter.

         As compared to kibble, wet food does not contain many preservatives for longer shelf life. It is cooked at a minimum temperature so it does not lose its nutrients and remain healthy for your beloved pet. These were some important pet foods suggested by experts. You can choose one of these as per your liking and the daily calories requirement of your pet. Whichever you choose just make sure that you know the complete nutrients and calories it contains.  


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