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Shift the Country

From Vanessa Burnett

I'm asking for help to grow a movement. We're starting this as political consulting available to all - funded in part by you. We can #ShiftTheCountry to the left to win the Electoral College & US Senate in 2020.

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Update #1

3 months ago

We're getting amazing support for a nascent effort! I am so touched and grateful for all the support. This is a good sign of much to come - with this kind of growing support, we have a real chance to do some good, at scale. Thank you!

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We're Growing A Movement

We start with funding!  Thank you for your U.S.-based donation in any amount.  This is a starter fundraising account for a movement that we plan to grow - this helps us get things moved to the next level. It's consulting for anyone, funded by you.

We will #ShiftTheCountry to help the democratic side win the Electoral College & US Senate in the 2020 election... so that the majority leading the US government is the majority that represents most Americans.

The mission here is to #ShiftTheCountry toward a vision we build together as a majority, for everyone, where we take care of people, where we work to solve problems, and where we build communities we can thrive in.  To shift us away from the path of the republican party - away from the path of fear and bias; away from the party that only fights to help the already-wealthy.  To shift us away from deadlocked politics.  To shift us toward winning the Electoral College and the US Senate in 2020.

How do we get there?

The now-available Shift the Country Proposal gets into methodology, sociology, social networks, community dynamics, influence, language, values, framing, and what’s going on in a whole lot of America - especially rural America.  The core of the Shift the Country work is to deliberately create tipping points... in the places where we live, online, & across platforms + people + networks.  We can deliberately create tipping points by paying attention to context, stickiness, the people in social networks, the networks themselves, and how communities work.  With language, with framing, with attention to values.  With coordinated and strategic attention, activity, buzz, and action that can create noticeable shifts and real-world change in communities everywhere… even before the 2020 election.

The work begins where we live - within our communities and our own social networks.  We create the shift by listening and learning; by paying attention to what’s happening in the parts of America outside the huge cities:  small towns, big towns, farm country, ranchland, micro-cities, & larger rural cities.  There are population centers in rural America full of people who could be democratic voters… the #ShiftTheCountry work is designed to reach and engage them.  The work is anchored in established resistance and political campaign work…  it complements and expands it.  We take it to the next level.

~~ THANK YOU for supporting the shift. ~~

Our country is worth the investment.  We are worth the investment.

What's Next for the Movement-Growing?

Thing 1:  Help foment a tipping point for this movement - tell your people & connector-types what we're up to... & get them involved too.

Thing 2:  The Shift the Country work was designed to be implemented nationally, perhaps by a major organization with some infrastructure, staff, technology, & resources to help get the materials out + widely distributed.  The idea was pitched to such organizations; none have yet taken this on.  So we can just go ahead and build a major national organization.  They all start somewhere.  No sense waiting for someone else to do the work... when we know we can make a difference if we get started.  It's in the proposal.  We're up against big money, big fear, corruption, & foreign influence... so no time is too soon to get this going.

With financial support... we can get some staff on contract, figure out more technology, build it out, develop the tools, figure out how to best deliver + share them, & get the word out about to do this work at scale.  We grow the movement by following its own methodology:  deliberately creating tipping points.  The more financial support we get - the more we can scale this thing up... & faster.

The #ShiftTheCountry movement's already started!

  • We've got a cool-ish shifting-action logo
  • We've started on social media - on Facebook & Twitter at @ShiftTheCountry
  • We've secured a domain at & put up basic information on a website to get things rolling
  • We've posted content from the 208-page Proposal to Shift the Country so people can see the vision + how we get there
  • We're asking for financial support right here on this page to get this moving - so we can work at scale in fall 2019 & light this up.
  • We're asking for financial & all kinds of other involvement over on the Support the Shift page.
  • Plus you can sign up - not for a newsletter - but to sign up for real-world Shift the Country action we'll roll out once things are in place to go big.

How We Grow the Movement in 2019:

The work + the tools in the Proposal to Shift the Country are designed to foment tipping points.  We need to start work in communities ASAP so that it is well underway by the November 2020 election.  We can help communities across the US start the #ShiftTheCountry work where they live in the fall of 2019.  We need to build out the tools, share them effectively, & work hard at getting the word out.

Funding will help us:

  • Hire freelancer staff on contract to help develop the 71 pages of tools outlined in the original proposal into functional tools that volunteers, amplifiers, boundary spanners, & country-shifters everywhere can use in the places they live to help create tipping points
  • Develop a standalone website with a highly functional capability to post, share, & search for Shift the Country tools & other info
  • Fund technology subscriptions & capabilities that help us amplify + fundraise more effectively, including covering bills for existing capabilities
  • Hosting for website + email
  • Conference call + webinar capabilities to function at scale for greater visibility as the movement expands
  • Cover cybersecurity + other op-sec needs & troll mitigation
  • Additional security needs as movement grows & increased targeting is possible
  • Email / newsletter / list management capability at scale
  • Marketing capability & funding to get the word out at scale + freelancer staff to help manage social media, marketing, trolls, & conversations
  • Marketing & connection services/subscriptions such as LinkedIn
  • Virtual assistant / office manager support as needed for coordinating events, platforms, technology set-up & maintenance, content development & coordination, email inboxes, & communication
  • A platform for community + conversation (member forum) capability to facilitate team work for various aspects of the movement
  • Helping to grow + support the various teams & work that people sign up for when they subscribe
  • Helping to grow digital activism work
  • News subscriptions to keep social media current, to keep up on related literature, & to help with amplifying content
  • Graphics development or capability
  • Replace a laptop that is wearing out after writing the proposal
  • Salary/labor, healthcare, etc. to make a living growing this movement full-time
  • Office space for coworking + mailing address + meeting space as the movement grows
  • Explore publishing the Proposal to Shift the Country in a book to get wider visibility + further grow the movement
  • Misc. organizational filing expenses
  • Explore other organizational structures for the Shift the Country movement once the fall 2019 work is underway
  • Other tools & services that will clarify as the movement grows.

For more, check out  The movement & this crowdfunding page launch July 17, 2019.

Interested in getting more involved?  Check out all the ways you can Support the Shift here & get other people involved too.  That's how we get it done.

Thank you so much.


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Vanessa Burnett posted a new update:
3 months ago

Update #1

We're getting amazing support for a nascent effort! I am so touched and grateful for all the support. This is a good sign of much to come - with this kind of growing support, we have a real chance to do some good, at scale. Thank you!

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