Campaign for JOY is a wellness brand and volunteer organization of caregivers and survivors of the silent health epidemic, Adverse Drug Reactions. Thanks for your support!

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Chances are you probably know someone who has died, or nearly died, because of an adverse drug event at home or in a hospital. It's much more common than most people realize, and if it can happen to the children of movie star Dennis Quaid at one of the finest hospitals in the country, it can happen to anyone. 

CAMPAIGN FOR JOY is a global mission to help our most vulnerable members of society recover from life-altering medical events caused by ADR (Adverse Drug Reactions), prevention of ADR events, and health promotion.

Our plan will help them. But it's going to take a village. And instead of pointing fingers at the government or at big pharma,  we would rather focus on helping people embrace a culture of positivity.


After a life-altering ADR event happened to my daughter (she is the 27 year old on the list of ADR events below). My daughter was prescribed a cocktail of drugs.  The prescription drugs changed her from a kind human being, loving daughter, devoted mother, wife, big sister, graduate student, and beloved co-worker and employee to having a psychotic break in a few short months.  I had to know what happened and why it happened.  Wouldn't you want to know too? 

What I learned was stunning because what happened to my daughter, is happening to thousands children, pregnant women, senior citizens at an alarming rate. In fact, I learned that Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) is a silent epidemic that cause the death, hospitalization, or serious injury to 1,000,000 people every year.When families are affected  by ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction), a life-altering, medical event affecting millions of families every year we step in to provide comfort and joy in every area of need. 


Josh S., 10 year old male, developed gynecomastia (large female breasts) after taking his prescription drug. His surgical scars healed long before the emotional scars will.

Vanessa Y., 15, died of a heart attack after taking her first dose of her prescription drug for a stomach ailment. Her parents are now childless. 

John H., 16, went from star athlete in high school to addict after taking his first prescription drug for his sport injury.

Lorita A., 27, a graduate student, attempted to kill her two young children and herself after taking her prescription drugs for oral surgery.

Paula P., 36, community leader, attacked the family dog and her daughter before she attempted to kill herself a few days after starting her prescription drugs for hormone therapy.

Holly M., 56, IT Director, spent 20 years in debilitating pain due to the loss of her muscular strength, memory loss, tremors, loss of balance, thyroid damage, gallbladder damage, emotional blunting and near blindness; her health declined rapidly which caused her to miss a promotion to vice president, abruptly ending her promising career after taking her prescription drugs.

David H., 72, loving husband who was married for 50 years, strangled his wife then tried to kill himself due to emotional blunting while on his prescription drug he was taking after the loss of their daughter.

There are literally, millions of these stories happening around the world. There are thousands of children and families permanently disabled, harmed or killed by their prescription drug. 

Most of the time, these dangerous events could and should have been avoided. Even the less drastic reactions, such as change in mood, loss of appetite, and nausea, may seriously diminish the quality of life.


STEP 1: MICRO PROCESSES will provide direct support to our most vulnerable members of society.

Offer FREE therapy and peer support for individuals and families.

Offer FREE medical treatments and surgeries for ADR-related events.

Offer FREE DNA molecular genetic testing to prevent ADR. 100% of deaths and injuries from ADR is preventable with genetic testing where DNA is matched to the best drug regimen based on a unique genetic profile. 

Offer FREE legal assistance for families seeking legal remedy and compensation and for individuals who ended up in prison or committed to a mental hospital for offenses related to ADR.

Offer FREE family vacations for families who experience ADR events.

STEP 2: MACRO PROCESSES will raise awareness and work on policy changes in the interest of public safety and social justice

Increase public awareness with PSA's (public safety announcements) about ADR, side effects, and prescription drug safety

Petition policymakers for drug safety laws

Improve ADR reporting systems


ADR is one of the leading causes of injury and death in the United States (and around the globe).

90% of prescription drugs work only 50% of the time

1 person dies every 19 minutes from ADR -- even when the prescription drug is taken as prescribed100,000 (4 out of 1,000) people die from their experience with ADR each year.

79,000 children are admitted to the hospital because of adverse drug reactions with 31,000 of these children having life-threatening adverse reactions.

ADR kills more people than homicide in NY

4.5 million people visit the emergency room because of ADR

2 million patients who are already hospitalized suffer the ill effects of ADR with 39% of these were life-threatening.

1 million deaths from acute allergic response, anaphylactic response, heart attack, suicide, and other ADRs occur annually

52% of deaths are related to prescription drugs

57% of adverse drug reactions were not recognized by the attending physician at the time of hospital admission.

ADR events can include brain damage, cancer, lung failure, liver failure, kidney failure, heart failure, heart disease such as Arythmmias, stroke, fractured bones, nervous system damage and gastrointestinal system damage.

Innocent people have been wrongfully committed and convicted for medication-induced criminal offenses.

The CDC classified ADR as an epidemic because their data show that more people die from legally prescribed drugs that were taken as prescribed, than from illegal drugs heroin and cocaine combined.

Medical professionals report prescription drugs now killed and seriously injured more people than cars, wars, guns and are more deadly than street drugs.

All of these facts are alarming but you can help end this silent epidemic with a small donation, sharing this page with family and friends, or help fund-raise with us today.


Anelia Sutton professional known as Anne Smith, is a military veteran with an MBA and most importantly, a mom. Her daughter is the 27 year old on the list of ADR events.  Over the last three years, Anne compiled lists of medical experts, legal experts, and thousands of individuals who have come forward to share their story making the funding amount appropriate considering the thousands of children and families who were harmed and killed by their prescription drug.  


We're a group of concerned people who support families who have been affected by ADR. We need you here with us for the health and well-being of our families! Your generosity allows us to grow, evolve and meet the needs of all those who seek recovery in the years to come. For more information about us, please visit or email us at [email protected] with any questions.  



IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone who had an ADR event battles self-imposed guilt, shame, and stigmatization. Please DO NOT include full names anywhere (including the comments) to respect the right to privacy of the people we support.


Thank you for your support and for reading this far down the page! Please share our link with anyone you think would love to support us!

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