Shed to Shelter Louisiana

Shed to Shelter Louisiana

From Precious Lewis

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I've had a few misfortune in my life, many major, some not as major.

As this misfortune has haunted me since birth. From , almost dying a few time as kids, parents illnesses, few close love ones death etc. Thus, this misfortune has extended it self to my family.As we have had flooding before ,this was the worst it has ever been. This day the water keep rising and we had to leave our home once the water reached indoors . Our home sits on cement blocks 4 feet off the ground and the water passed that and our porch and entered our home.   The video is just a break of the raining before it continued dumping water. Our once lovely home was extreme water damage and black mold from the historical floor in 2016 . Luckily we found a temporary home. After years financial struggle to  get our moldy home torn down and rebuilt has come. It will be greatly smaller but we can actually go back home. We rescued and saved many of our belongings  before the water entered our home in plastic bags, totes that is still wrapped up in our damaged home. So, before any demolition can happen, things need to be moved out the home. As I mentioned, Missy misfortune strikes again. There isn't any storage space in our soon to be home. Here comes Missy misfortune , a hard decision to sell my kids bikes,toys, dolls, and other belongings because we will not have space,nor can I afford a monthly storage fee.  As I was telling this to my  friend ,she suggested I get a shed. As I was looking into that idea. Missy misfortune strikes again ,kapow Covid19, jobs lost, kids home (living with family is not easy). So this is a small glimpse of my life. This is why my goal is a large storage shed. So Missy misfortune don't extend more onto my children and I have to make this hard decision of getting rid of their belongings just because of lack of space and money.As this has already has long lasting scar on them, and not living in their home. I fear that the little happiness they do have will be snatched away.Living in a temporary home not sleeping in their own beds and now their belongs will be thrown away I feel can cause more discomfort. Thanks you for reading this and even the thought of donating even if you can't. Truly thankful for taking this time to read this. 

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