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Send Sarah for Service!

From Sarah Auger

Hi! It's Sarah:-) I LOVE getting involved and helping others. In replace of vacation, I want to serve in Buenos Aires and experience what it's like to volunteer for an NGO organization abroad! Any donation counts!

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With watching my mother dedicate so much of her time to volunteering at our local schools, frequently visiting and comforting the seniors at our family church, and even leading ESL classes for people living in our hometown, I've grown up with a passion to help others. 

Recently, my father gave me the opportunity to fly down to Haiti with him and my older sister and help with the organization he is engaged with, Design Outreach. With a team of twelve we installed water pumps for people living in remote villages of Haiti, and the experience was life changing. 

Now in my second year of college at the University of Cincinnati, I want to replace my spring break vacation with something that I know I want to pursue in the future....service abroad. I am so thankful to be accepted by API Abroad to volunteer in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a local NGO organization. API (academic programs international) aboard offers students with study abroad, teaching , interning, and volunteer work all over the globe.  

I specifically chose to apply for Argentina mainly because of the influence of my High School Spanish teacher and his passion for Latin and South American countries. I went on a Spanish immersion trip to Ecuador sophomore year of High School, and the people were ten dials up from the Midwestern charm that I live around now:-)

I cannot wait to visit and meet people in Argentina, help those in need, and see how my experiences compare to my past travels. I am excited to really explore the world that is serving and outreach abroad. I have been so attracted to helping others all around me that I know God has a purpose for me to serve those in need in some way or form. Somewhere along this path I hope to find where my niche will be in the future.

Being in college can be both an overwhelming and eye-opening experience in itself. Universities offer so many outlets for students to explore their passions, but the finances are something that will always be a battle. I don't want money to be mine or anyone's' limiting factor in pursuing something that is good and positive.

In order for me to volunteer in Argentina I have to pay for the expenses of living there for 2 weeks with a host family, flying, food, and more. Any and all donations count, and I am oh so grateful to all of you willing to donate and read my story! Thank you x10!! 

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